Adolf Slamka

* 1934

  • "I was chosen to go to Egypt as a soldier. But instead of Egypt, they took us and put us in Hungary when those events took place (1956). So I was in Hungary, there was shooting there. I have one picture in my mind - a dead woman with bare breasts and a boy or girl was on her chest and breastfeeding, sucking. The Hungarian came and cut off a piece of her shoulder and a piece of the child's head. And our soldiers stopped. I also shot, we fired about 50 shots at him. " 0:35:01 – 0:35:57 Adolf's memories of military service during the suppression of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956

  • "We were reforesting, a woman dug up a box of ammunition or a grenade. There, there, there ... They were afraid, we went with these (detectors) and we searched. Dead ... I brought the gravedigger 6 or 8 bags of bones. Heads, teeth ... There was a pastor in Stránske and he said that if someone died, he would add the bones there. The Germans have records of every soldier where he lies. Exactly where he was killed, the place name, the hour, and everything. Now ours were behind me, that from Čičmany to Strečno I am the only living forester, who was in fact by all the trees from Fačkov. When we were building the cottage upstairs, we found a bunch of bones. Also, when we were making the road, we found bones. We moved the soil, the excavator dug a pit. Who knew. The partisans when they caught someone didn’t give a shit. They shot them and that was it. ” 0:38:59 – 0:40:48 After the war, people from the village found bullets, grenades and bones while working in the forest

  • "The war had come and my uncle enlisted. He served in Žilina. He had a friend, that Gabčík, he was from a relative. My mother was called Gabčíková before getting married. I remember when my uncle got married, poor Gabčík was his companion. They were having fun at the wedding. They went to war and were in garrison together in Žilina. Jožko, I remember, decided to go away, and invited my uncle to a farewell party. But uncle was already married and his wife was already pregnant, so he didn't go anywhere. Jožko went to the station, and my uncle with him. And Jožko sent him, and then sent him back, my uncle, what was he getting married for. So Jožko left. And then they only heard about him. Together they also got into something in Považská or Dubnice, and in Žilina the gendarmes chased them. And then he left and was no longer with him until they wrote that he was friends with him.

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We collected the bones and skulls in bags and took them to the gravedigger

Adolf Slamka as an employee of State forests in Kunerad
Adolf Slamka as an employee of State forests in Kunerad
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Adolf Slamka was born on June 17, 1934 in Stránske to Jozef Slamek and Mária, born Gabčíková. He had a sister Anezka and a brother Sebastian. His father was a forester in the Kunerad mountains, and Adolf often went with him to the forest. During World War II, they cared for a wounded Russian officer at home. Later, 12 German soldiers lived in their house, they had to take care of them and cook for them. In August 1942, he ministered then-President Jozef Tiso during masses in the mountain. As a child, he often met with partisans, German and Russian soldiers. After the war, he graduated as a forester. As a soldier in basic military service, he was deployed in 1956 to suppress the bloody Hungarian uprising. His father was the chairman of the local union cooperative, but Adolf was not politically involved. As a forester, he accompanied important guests in the hunting ground. During the work in the forest, he and his colleagues dug up a number of bones and skulls, which they collected in sacks and took to the gravedigger to the cemetery. Today, an active retiree helps mark the graves of unknown fallen soldiers and partisans. He and his wife Anna have 4 children, 11 grandchildren and one great-grandson.