Felicitas Babušíková

* 1940

  • “Everyone knew my brother and when he emigrated in 1969, of course, it influenced me as well. Back then, I was as an international referee condemned not to travel to the West, but only to the East. Since I was married at that time and my daughter was born, along with my husband, they were some kind of a deposit for me, but anyway, I got to the West for the first time yet in 1981. Not even once we had seen each other with my brother from 1969 until 1981.”

  • “I don't know if I shall reach back to such past, but we also experienced eviction from our home as the Russian commando came. I don't know why they chose precisely our house, but we had to leave it. Thus all what we had left, fitted into my little crib and our hands to be carried away within two hours.”

  • “When Ondrej Nepela died, I felt very sorry as I really liked him. Ondrej was a very friendly and nice young man. Therefore, we have founded the Ondrej Nepela Trophy competition and built it up to the international level. This fall it will be yet its 25th year. And it developed to a thought of organizing European Championship.”

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Figure skating is the beauty of movement on ice and a music harmony

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Felicitas Babušíková, née Kállayová, was born in 1940 into a prominent family in Bratislava. She attended the eight-year elementary school on Hlboká Street in Bratislava and in years 1962 - 1967 she studied at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University in Bratislava. After her graduation until her retirement in year 2000, she worked in health care as a biochemist. When she finished her active figure skating career in 1958, besides her job, she was involved in arbitration and secretarial activity. Since 1969 she worked as a Head of the Judges Committee in Czechoslovak Figure Skating Association. In 1970 she became an international judge for Czechoslovakia. From 1981 until 2004 she worked as the international judge of the ISU. In 2006 she was appointed the ISU Director for Figure Skating. In 2009 she became active in the Slovak figure skating again and from 2013 until June 2017 she was the Chair of the Slovak Figure Skating Association.