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University professor

List of witnesses

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M.Eng. Zuzana Bartová, rod. Špitzerová (1934)

born in Žilina on January 8, 1934 when Hitler took over, Zuzana's parents decided not to have any more children during the war she attended elementary school near cloister of Vincentines in Žilina from February 2 until the April 30, 1945 Zuzana and her mother ... arrows 

Juraj Bartusz (1933)

born on October 23, 1933 in Kamenín experienced the harsh Second World War aftermath, when hiding in a cellar for a long period of time after the war studied academic sculpture in Prague 1961 got married to Mária (née Vnoučková) and moved to work in Košice ... arrows 

Jaromír Bilík (1918)

born 12 January 1918 in Brno 1937, enrolled at the Brno University of Technology 1939, interrupted his studies when Czech universities were closed 1945, received an engineer’s degree after the war 1951, secured a patent for a method and device for the ... arrows 

Marcel Hájek (1965) video clip available

born 1965 in Pilsen attended the Third Grammar School in Pilsen and the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Pilsen (FMCU) 1980s, active in the dissent, distributed samizdat literature; 1988, co-authored a petition to Rudé právo to have the full text of ... arrows 

Doc. PhDr., CSc. Jiří T. Kotalík (1951)

born on 14 February 1951 in Prague following the path of his father, he became an art historian graduated from art history and history at universities in Prague and Brno after military service started working in the National Heritage Institute in 1984 became ... arrows 

Professor MUDr., DrSc. Josef Koutecký (1930)

born on 31st August, 1930 in Prague, Karlov 1955 – graduated at the Faculty of general medicine of the Charles University 1957 – began working at the Clinic of Paediatrics of the Paediatric Faculty, the Charles University in Prague 1964 – specialised in child ... arrows 

Ladislav Kováč (1932)

born on April 4, 1932 in Závažná Poruba 1950 – 1956 studied at the Charles University in Prague 1956 – 1970 Comenius University in Bratislava, lecturer, associate professor, head of the Department of Biochemistry 1969 – 1970 as a visiting professor he worked at ... arrows 

Josef Kovalčuk (1948)

born on 5 August 1948 in Trutnov graduated from history and literature at the Faculty of Philosophy, Palacký University in Olomouc later, studied at the Theatre Academy in Prague co-founded the theatre association HaDivadlo used theater to voice discontent ... arrows 

Zdeňka Kratochvílová (1936)

born 14 November 1936 in Prague as the second of three children her family owned a villa in Hanspaulka; they were forced to take in lodgers after 1948 her father was a lawyer who fell ill due to the strain of the new regime and was unable to work; the family was ... arrows 

Tomáš Kulka (1948)

born on 18 September 1948 his brother Otto moved to Israel the same year in 1963 visited his relatives in Israel in 1967 finished high school in Prague and visited the US 1967-1968 studied philosophy and political economy at Charles University spent August ... arrows 



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