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13. 7. 1943 - Destroying of Český Malín

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (5586)

List of witnesses

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Antonín Činka (1923)

born September 25th, 1923 in Český Malín in the Volyně region survived the burning of Český Malín drafted to the army served in the sapper and artillery units in the "Svoboda´s" army wounded at Dukla after the war moved to Czechoslovakia, lives in Nový Malín ... arrows 

Nina Dobosharevich (1920)

Born on February 13, 1920, in Český Mstěšín in Volhynia Served in a Polish military unit 1939 – served as an army medic during the Fourth Partition of Poland Departure for Lublin and Krynic Arrested for a short while Journey with the Polish Army to France ... arrows 

Helena Esterkesová (1926) video clip available

born on February 14, 1926, in Ledochovce, district of Ostrožec, Volhynia she is of Jewish origin the Soviets wanted to deport them to Siberia after the advent of the Nazis, her family was sent to the ghetto in Ostrožec she was forced to work for Kreislanwirt ... arrows 

Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Bohumil Filípek (1922) video clip available

born October 22, 1922 in České Noviny in Volhynia 1941 imprisoned for work sabotaging July 13, 1943 the burning down of Český Malín 1944 joined the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps serving as a tank desant trooper Carpathian-Dukla operation wounded in an air ... arrows 

Viktor Hnízdil (1928) video clip available

birth certificate gives day of birth as 28 February 1928, in České Kneruty, Volhynia, under Polish rule at the time 1940, his father was made head of the kolkhoz witnessed Jewish families fleeing from the ghetto in Ostrožec assigned to a “stripka” unit - ... arrows 

Jindřich Hořenín (1933)

Volhynian Czech born October 8, 1933 in Mirohošť arrival of the Red Army, establishment of collective farms (kolkhozes) German occupation, raids by groups of rebels his father died in combat at Dukla 1947 – arrival to Czechoslovakia (repatriation) ... arrows 

Private First Class Marie Chudá (1920)

Born in 1920 in Volhynia in a family of a cabinet maker who stayed there after the WW I. She joined the general Svoboda’s Czechoslovak army She went through a tough one-month training and then joint up straight to the front Took part in the tough combat at ... arrows 

Emílie Jarmarová (1921)

born January 17th 1921 in Bakovce in Volhynia attended school in Bakovce, learning in Polish and Czech during the war sent information from her house to a Russian partisan group 1944 joined Czechoslovak army corps, assigned to anti-aircraft artillery as a ... arrows 

Václav Jedlička (1908) video clip available

he was born on February 18th 1908 in Hlinsk town in Volhynia In 1930 he served in the army in Deblin (Poland) in 1939 he participated in defense of Lviv; he served in the 27th artillery regiment he was forcibly deployed in Zdolbunov he fought in the ... arrows 

Jan Jelínek (1912 - 2009)

Born on May 19, 1912, in the Polish town of Zelov Raised in a family of descendants of Czech evangelical exiles Worked as an accountant at the Jan Sláma firm Studied in a missionary school in Olomouc - pastor of the Evangelical Church Preacher in 1937-1944 in ... arrows 



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