Zdeňka Uhříčková

* 1929

  • "We practiced at the rally, it was tremendous, the parade as we went through Prague, through St. Wenceslas Square. I think Zápotocký was there - the president or someone. At that time Jan Masaryk fell from the window at the Castle and we shouted the slogan: 'Whoever says whatever they want, you killed Masaryk!' We kept shouting that, even when the government was standing there."

  • "The house where we lived belonged to a mill. The owner of the mill was a German woman, it was during the war. She was very kind, her husband was an officer. They had a severely disabled son. When the confirmation was held, the miller's wife bought clothes, candles for all the children. In short, everything that belonged to it. When the war ended, the inhabitants of Velké Němčice allegedly drove her out with a whip, as if she were a commander in a concentration camp. I will always remember that, how good she was and how she ended up."

  • "Dad was a gendarme during the war, he was in the resistance. The Germans somehow found out, he was imprisoned in Cejl in Brno. There is a professor here in Bojkovice, she has two books about the resistance that she lent me, and in those books, dad is mentioned thirty-eight times. He was in a concentration camp in Brno in Cejl. My brother attended the secondary grammar school. In Brod, there is a railway station, wide stairs and then you walk around the secondary grammar school. As my brother attended that school, the professor walked by the window and dictated something, he looked out the window and he saw dad walking away from the station in civilian clothes. He thought that he had been released from the concentration camp, so he just said to my brother: 'Loucký, immediately take your things and go home.' My brother came home and dad was there."

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    Uherský Brod, 23.08.2022

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Father was arrested by the Gestapo, we didn‘t know if we would see him again

Zdeňka Uhříčková in 2022
Zdeňka Uhříčková in 2022
zdroj: Memory of Nations

Zdeňka Uhříčková, née Loucká, was born on January 2, 1929 in Horní Město to husband and wife Quido and Hedvika Loucký as the older of two children. Her father was a gendarme, they often moved. After three years, they moved from Horní Město to Velké Němčice, and in 1938 to Uherský Brod. During the war, her father was arrested for his activities in the resistance organization Defense of the Nation, he was released after half a year and was not allowed to work as a gendarme until the end of the war. Zdeňka Uhříčková experienced air raids and liberation in Brod. After 1948, her father lost his job, they had to move out of the house where they lived. He then worked as a crane operator in Slovácké strojírny, her mother in Zbrojovka. Zdeňka studied a town school, interrupted in 1944-1945 by forced deployment. This was followed by a vocational school for women‘s professions. She went to Sokol, participated in XI. All Sokol meeting in Prague. She was a member of the Dvořák singing association. She worked in the Zbrojovka accounting office. In 1950, she married Miroslav Slavíček, they had three children. They later divorced. During inspections after 1968, she was reassigned from the accounting department to production. She married Jaroslav Uhříček for the second time, they divorced after the revolution. At the time of filming, in 2022, she lived in Uherský Brod.