Vladimír Nemajer

* 1922  

  • “My father, as a war invalid, was entitled to run a tobacco shop. His friend was the former ministry of finance. Through the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order (Robert Schälzký – editor´s note) they asserted the Germans, but finally my dad got it. He became the tobacco warehouse operator of the in Šumperk until annexation in 1937 (1938). During that time he built a house in Šumperk near today´s Grand. The Germans came and took everything including the tobacco production for one and half million. My parents only managed to leave the Sudetenland to the Czech Republic with only a small suitcase.”

  • “My brother met a certain French, and when the annexation started (in February 1948 – editor´s note), he wished to go to France. Yet the borders were closed. With his friend they were crossing them in the Southern Moravia; back then a part of the borderline was controlled by Americans and another part by the Russians and then they changed it somehow, and when he was crossing, they caught him. My brother was in the Czech Budweiser and they kept beating him there. My mum went to see him in the hospital in Střešovice and brought his clothes stained with blood. Someone must have hit him over his head, he lost balance and later died.”

  • "The airport was bombed. At that time a group of girls was taught at the airport. During the bombardment, I escaped from the house in Prostejov up the hill. I wore binoculars and saw two black American pilots in fighter planes. The next day I went to the airport to have a look and saw the girls massacred. I wish no one to see such thing. Their thighs torn into pieces. War is just terrible. Such pretty girls. They learned tele typing there. At the same time the airport in Vyškov was bombed too."

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Did not want to piss again the wind

Vladimír Nemajer
Vladimír Nemajer
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Vladimír Nemajer was born on 26 March, 1922 in Šumperk. His father, a war invalid and a legionary, ran a tobacco warehouse in the town. After the Munich agreement the family lost most of its property and had to move out of the borderline Šumperk. In 1942 the witness attended am industrial college and then worked in the company Sigma and under the direct management of Roberta Hanisch, the SD and SS hauptsturmführer, for at least three years. He could travel freely and lived in a hotel room in the centre of Plavno (Pauen) in Germany for several months, where he translated in the company Vomag to Czech, painted and copied drawings for production of small parts of German army aircrafts and was in charge of its implementation to production in the Prostějov region. He spent the end of war at his aunt in Bouzov, where he witnessed the special SS commando burning the village of Javoříčko. During 1950s, at the time of the hardest communist repressions, he held a post of a leader of the agricultural administration as a non-party member at the municipal office in Bruntál. Amongst other duties he was in charge of newly established state farms and unified agricultural cooperatives, country colonization and destroying devastated buildings after displaced Germans. Until retirement he worked in Pozemní stavby in Olomouc. In 2016 lived in Samotišky.