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Ing. Jaroslav Vondra (1933) - Biography

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I rather turn aside than go into a conflict


Jaroslav Vondra was born March 27, 1933 in Proseč. His father was a clockmaker and he already had two grown-up sons from his first marriage. Jaroslav's mother was a seamstress. In 1936 the family moved to Kyšperk, present-day Letohrad, where his father owned a successful clockmaker's shop. However, he suddenly died in 1944 and Jaroslav's older brother who did not have his own family took over the trade. Jaroslav learnt the clockmaker's trade after the war and in 1951 he began to study a two-year Secondary School of Fine Mechanics and Optics in Přerov, which he completed with a master's certificate. Then he worked in the Chronotechna company in Brno for a short time, and while there he also began to study Secondary Technical School For Working People. He later changed his study to a full-time course and in 1955 he eventually began to study the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) in Prague. He completed his study in 1960, when he was expelled from his job as an assistant in the ČVUT faculty due to his religious faith. Jaroslav therefore began working in the department of measuring technology in the Research Institute of Thermal Technology in Prague-Běchovice. He worked there until autumn 1968 when he transferred to the Klokner Institute - research institute of the ČVUT. In the 1970s he was involved in the introduction of computer technology to the measuring department. He still collaborates with the Klokner Institute today.

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