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Antonín Bohatý (1913 - 2010) - Biography

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We brought this Jewish girl, Milka, all the way to Czechoslovakia

Antonín Bohatý was born February 2, 1913, in Libánovka, Volhynia, which was then tsarist Russia. After 1920 this part of Volhynia was governed by Poland, and he thus spent a great part of his childhood under the Second Polish Republic. During the war his mother Anna Bohatá saved their neighbour, Jewish girl Minďa, from certain death. She undertook her rescue in spite of the fact that if discovered, not only her, but the whole family would risk death. During the family's re-emigration in 1947 they changed her name Minďa to Milka Bohatá and they registered her as their own daughter. She thus moved with them to Czechoslovakia. With the exception of her sister, all of Minďa's family perished in a concentration camp.

In 1944 Antonín Bohatý joined the Czechoslovak army corps. As a machine-gunner he took part in the fighting at Krosno. After just three days he was wounded and he spent three months in Yaroslavl recovering. After his recovery he was summoned to fight near the town of Vrútky. The end of the war met him near Přerov. He was demobilized shortly after and returned to Volhynia to his wife and daughter. On his way he was stopped by the Soviet army, and assigned to join the army, which was intended to support the USA in the fighting against Japan. He was released from the Soviet army after the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He then stayed in Volhynia only briefly, but even during this short time he was nearly sent to Siberia on account of being suspected from supporting Bandera's groups. In 1947 he re-emigrated with his family to Czechoslovakia and settled in Úsov near Mohelnice. He died on November 11th, 2010, in a retirement home in Šumperk.

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