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1932 - 1933 - Holodomor - Great famine in Ukraine

List of witnesses

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First Lieutenant (ret.) Vladimír Bouz (1923)

born July 4, 1924 in Olšanka in eastern Volhynia 1944 – mobilized for the Red Army February 16, 1944 – joined the newly formed 1st Czechoslovak Army corps, 2nd paradesant brigade, 2nd battalion, 6th company training in Yefremov and Proskurov 1944 – fighting ... arrows 

Sláva Gajdošíková (1923) video clip available

Born on 10 February, 1923 in Holovni České Childhood in USSR Uncle taken to gulag during collectivisation Since 1945 until the end of war in a forced labour in a village of Eistrup in Germany In Eistrup experienced bombing in August 1942 In a collective ... arrows 

Dobromila Janáková (1932)

born 22 October 1932 in Český Boratín in Volhynia (present-day Ukraine) family of Czech Evangelicals settled in Volhynia her father was a car repairman, later ran a taxi service; her mother was a housewife 1937-1938, lived with her parents in Łódź lived in ... arrows 

Kazimír Morozovič (1936)

born January 12, 1937 in the village Rudňa Novenka near the town Shepetivka in Ukraine his father Lucian Morozovič was of Ukrainian origin, his mother was a Czech national the family lived in Ukraine and later in Russia near Buzuluk his mother was a widow when ... arrows 

Ing. Jaroslav Pek (1919 - 2012)

Born in Týn nad Vltavou on 14 December, 1919 In 1930s lived with family in Charkov in Ukraine A member of the Communist Union of Youth During protectorate active in illegal organization Prisoner in concentration lager Mauthausen, Auschwitz After war worked ... arrows 

Corporal (ret.) Vladimír Procházka (1923) video clip available

Life in Česká Krošna in Volhynia Famine in the Ukraine in 1933 Father deported to Siberia 2nd Czechoslovak airborne brigade Wounded by a grenade in Przemysl Participated in the battles of Poprad, Žilina and Ružomberok Resettlement of the Germans in May ... arrows 

Libuše Rudkovská (1925) video clip available

maiden name Čížková born 13 April 1925, Ivanoviče (Volhynia) Volhynian Czech kolkhozes, famine in Ukraine father victim of Stalinist purges hid Jews during the war 1947, repatriated to Czechoslovakia worker, guard life in the border region ... arrows 

Stanislav Švarc (1925)

born in 1925 in Ukraine in the village Vyshechadayevskiy-sakharniy zavod his mother was Polish, his father was a Czech the family survived the famine his father Stanislav Švarc Sr. was arrested in 1937 based on a false accusation and executed two months later ... arrows 

Ing. Josef Vacke (1929 - 2013)

Born on 1 April, 1929 Czech family in Volhynia Czech School in Zdolbunov Executions of Jews during the war Burning down of villages Resettlement in Czechoslovakia in the fall of 1945 Agricultural University Worked in virology research of cereals and ... arrows 

Lieutenant (ret.) Vjačeslav Viskočil (1927)

born 5th February 1927 in Malá Zubovština in Soviet Volhynia 1933 famine in Ukraine Czech school in Malá Zubovština December 1944, enlisted in the Red Army 1851st anti-air artillery regiment reached Berlin served 5 years as a sapper in Ural 1951, ... arrows 



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