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27. 1. 1945 - The liberation of the concentration camp Auschwitz

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The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (5477)

List of witnesses

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Jehuda Bacon (1929) video clip available

Born in 1929 in Ostrava in a religious family In the fall of 1942, deported to the Theresienstadt ghetto In December 1943, deported to the extermination camp Auschwitz II-Birkenau Until July 1944, lived in the so-called Theresienstadt family camp as one of the ... arrows 

Erika Bezdíčková (1931)

born September 26, 1931 in Žilina in a middle class Jewish family the family was arrested by Hlinka’s Guards after neighbours informed upon them in October 1944 deported to Auschwitz by the next-to-last transport her father and mother killed in Auschwitz ... arrows 

Jiří Brady (1928)

Born in Nové Město na Moravě on 9 February 1928 Came from an assimilated Jewish family Mother Markéta Bradyová was arrested on the grounds of helping resistance movement members and deported to Ravensbrück in the spring of 1941 Jiří’s father was arrested in the ... arrows 

Petr Erben (1921)

born as Petr Eisenberg on March 20, 1921 into a Jewish family in Ostrava the family moved to Frýdek where his father owned a beer-bottling factory his mother was active in the Zionist movement (WIZO) Petr became a member of Tchelet Lavan in Frýdek, camps, ... arrows 

Viola Fischerová (1922) video clip available

was born on November 14, 1922 in Lučenec as a sixteen-year-old girl she witnessed the execution of Jews from society together with her family she got to ghetto where they went through starving, cold, fear and tyranny as a twenty-two-year-old she got off the ... arrows 

Jiří Fišer (1936) video clip available

born January 7, 1936 in Česká Třebová his father Arnold Fischer joined the resistance movement in Česká Třebová his father died in the concentration camp Neungamme on May 17, 1941 twins Josef and Jiří were transported to the Terezín ghetto in April 1942 his ... arrows 

Eva Goldstein (1921)

born February 26, 1921 in a Jewish family in Prague was a co-founder of the Zionist movement El Al before the war in 1939 she and her husband Jan Kaufmann were late to leave the country Věra (Eva’s twin sister) was the only one from the family who emigrated ... arrows 

František Lederer (1930)

born in Teplice in a well-off family after the annexation of the Sudetenland his family had to move to Prague transported to the Lódź ghetto with his family in October 1941 (B ghetto in Litzmannstadt-Lodz) became an orphan at age 12 in the ghetto transported ... arrows 

Evelina Merová (1930)

Born on December 25, 1930, in Prague. Deported to Theresienstadt with her family on June 28, 1942. Transported to Auschwitz on December 15, 1943. Lived in the family camp B-II-b till June 1944, where she was on the children’s block of Fredy Hirsch She and her ... arrows 

František Miška (1919 - 2017)

born 27 August 1919 into a Jewish family in Prague during secondary school, co-founded the Young Theatre Group with Pavel Tigrid, Jiří Orten, Josef Schwarz 1939, spent five and a half months in Pankrác Prison for putting up anti-Nazi posters autumn 1941, ... arrows 



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