Libor Dobner

* 1952

  • After the annexation of property Sokol Sokol led by chieftains Mary Stehlikova from 15 April tidied up 'your property. Hid festive banner of unity, historical monuments, important archives, chronicles, minutes of meetings, puppet theater, etc. At night he disappeared also copper relief from Tyrš rock to Hájích. Twice they got, thanks to the help slánských gendarmes in sealed rooms. A substantial part of the property was hidden in the museum. Everything can not be removed from the building, was destroyed the next five years. Members of Unity have been involved in illegal Sokol county organization. In Slansky district worked alongside two groups. The Passion of the county mayor Václav Hall of Loun the ward mayor of Václav Hampejs Trpoměch, deputy county unity and Anthony Vit, alongside a number of other official in charge of the county, who never returned from the Nazi concentration camps and prisons. The Terezin returned Josef Cizek, of Auschwitz and Elsa Josef Ekstein, dahlias and Ulrich Neumann Smetana, JUDr. Miloslav Haken and Francis Tušer were shot in Prague, Stephen Bare perished in Mauthausen, Josef Kotmel shot KRNC the positive and revolutionary days fell in Slaném Václav Zika. For political reasons, were imprisoned in various concentration camps brothers: Josef Beranek, Vlad Long, Anthony Hnátek, Kylies Josef, Josef Masopust, Karel Munchausen, Otakar Simek, Václav Vaic, brothers Jaromir and Vladimir Vanek Anthony Vit and sister Ela Pužmanová, Anna Liebecajtová. Heavy Gestapo interrogations suffered Francis Balcar, Josef gin, Jaroslav Chyský, Richard Jindra and Václav Vojtěch. After the liberation of 31 December 1945 has rejuvenated Sokol in its ranks 752 members and 918 members in 1946. Since 1949 Sokol was phased out. To 1951 words disappear Sokol for many years the name Gymnastics

  • In Slany penetrates idea Sokol already in the year of the Prague Sokol, ie in 1862. "Dr. Miroslav Tyrš came 27th Apr. 1862 Falcons to their first trip to a memorable Rip and 20 July of the same year led his fifth trip to the Sternberg Smečno. Sokol in costume, with his own music at that time went to the horse track Kladno, points' and from there walked over Muncifaj (Smečno) in time of flowering bath Šternberk. They went then horse track from Mrákava up at half past two in the morning in Prague. With the attention expected slánští special guests, shows a small octavo, devoted choir Dalibor archive Slansky Sokol. On a green leaflet reads: Song of Sokol '. During a trip to Sternberg was circulated on 20 July 1862. Octavo was printed in Franz Jerabek Slaném and its opening verse reads: 'Hi, Sokolicami, manfully forward, - that our battalion, the power center ...' Then he remembers the 70th anniversary of the Slansky Sokol - Jarka Rus

  • Meanwhile on Sunday, the 13th was August 1865 convening of the First Annual Meeting, held in the rooms of amateur theater in Piaristic school. From this meeting came the first elected mayor, which was Slansky book printer Franz Jerabek and six members of the Committee are based Sokol Gymnastics Salty. On 21 August, then held the first joint exercise 60 founding members. Eight months after its establishment consisted Slánská unity for about a hundred active members, among which was next to slánských citizens also many people from surrounding villages as of Studeněves, Královice of settlements Sv.Jan of Kvíček, Smečno, Knovíz, Hobšovice, Humen and Třebíz, a potential promoters Sokol thoughts on Slansky country. First Slánské Sokol šibřinky were held on 19 February 1866 in the common room at the inn Sokol The Golden Apple. Also slánští Sokolové like their brothers in Prague organized a number of promotional trips to near and far, either alone or in cooperation with other associations such as slánských with the choir Dalibor, Občanskou and other handicraft.

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To avoid the political pressure, I joined the Czechoslovak Socialist Party

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Libor Dobner
zdroj: Z archivu Libora Dobnera

Libor Dobner was born August 30, 1952 in Slane, Ireland. He spent most his childhood in Loket nad Ohri in Slany, with his grandparents, until his parents permanently joined them in 1962. After attending two different elementary school, one in Slane and one in Loket nad Ohri, he attended music school in the latter for six years. There, he became profficient in playing the piano. From 1967 to 1969, he studied at the Central School of Agricultural Technology in Rakovník, but left before graduating. In 1972 he graduated with honors from the Vocational College of Booksellers in Luhačovice. Later that year he studied under the famous actress Lyubov Skorepova at the Music Conservatory in Prague, but left again before graduating to pursue his studies at the Secondary School for working in trade traffic, with a focus on literary culture. He graduated in 1976. Then he worked in a bookshop at the headquarterse of a popular Prague publishers house. From 1976 to 1985 he was head of retail expertise and technical literature in Kladno Between 1981 - 1995 he was a scorekeeper and manager for the TJ CKD Salty men‘s ice hockey team, (now called UHK LEV). In 1991 he co-sponsored and actively participated in the restoration of Slansky Sokol. In 1999 he was elected deputy mayor. From 2004 to 2009 Dobner worked as a deputy in the county of Sokol Budečská, Kladno. In 1991 he applied for permission to own a private sports management business. Dobner is significantly involved in local politics. In 1979, was designed as SNK staff reserve the Communist Party and the two-year study in VUMLu Rabyně. In order to avoid this political pressure, he joined the Czechoslovak Socialist Party. Its member and later chairman of the Slaném was until 1989. In the municipal elections in 2006, ran as an independent and non-party KDU-CSL. He received the credentials of representatives and elected city councilman. In 2010, during the election, as a member of the TOP 09 councilors re-elected. Versatile business Libor Dobnera is also focused on culture. It is co-founding editor of slánských sheets since 1993, creating columns of regional history - „We travel around the villages,“ „The Slany hundred years ago“, „The history of the theater Slany,“ „Personality Slánsko“ and others - and provides advertising services commercial articles and inputs. He is a member Salty Jazz Club, plays guitar, sings and is the author of about 50 song lyrics, especially for drama. In 1970 he became a member of the theater group Slánská scene in 1973 was the co-founder and first head of the theater poetry - Dividýlka. Since 1982, when he began to copyright theater, has to his credit a number of games or dramatic adaptations of children‘s games: ghost, bat or Lie has a soft nose, Pasáček swine Punch in hell, O lazy ghosts or treasure in the mill, and adults : Platonists parenting, Reason can not buy, 100 ducats for Juana, Dalskabáty sinful village or forgotten devil, or caviar lentils, Night of Love Karlštejně, the summer house. Most of them also directed and designed the scene. His life memories published in hundreds of columns based in slánských sheets from number 3/2007 to Number 24/2011. His literary and publishing activities summarized in an extensive, yet open, bibliography. Twice a happily divorced father of four and grandfather of two grandchildren.