Than Than Htay

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  • MA THAN THAN HTAY – FIRST CLIP I am called Than Than Htay. I have no other name. but as I am a Chinese, younger people call me a Chinese name. So I got a new name given by MI as Akyi Htay. My father is U Kyin Taik and my mother, Daw Tin Yee. I live at 52, Payar street, ward 5, Kamaryut in Rangoon. It was in march 1988. I was a second year student at Rangoon University. I started involved at the time of Phone Maw incident. It was the start. Later I came to understand politics. At that time I did not realize it was politics. What I then understood was an innocent student was shot dead..shot dead by people from armed forces in the government. This incident led to wider demonstrations. Finally the coup was staged in 88 and we got totally involved in politics. To start with, I took part in public demonstrations in 88. And I also took part as member of Chemistry student association. Later I joined NLD, started at township level and then went to community level taking leading role. I took charge of information and public relation. And then I joined New Democratic Society party. I served as township organizer. When the elections commission disbanded the New Society party, we had to stand our position under the Patriotic Democratic Youth Front. Student Union was illegal at that time. I did not take any role in Student Union but I made my contributions as much as I could. All family members except my mother provided me every support including money. One of my elder sisters did everything so well that she ended up herself in prison. As my mother is afraid of imprisonment she does not want her children to be in prison and does not allow them. Despite her disapproval I could do as I wish as my elder sisters tried to conceal what I was doing. I could even go to Mandalay conference and cook for delegates. It was like this. I did not let her know anything. I pretended I was going there for own personal matter. I did not tell her what the reason was. My sisters knew everything. First time I was arrested on 19 january 1991. The arrest warrant was issued since 1990. I stayed away from home living in Mandalay and countryside. Finally I got arrested in Tyaik Gyi. I was charged with section 5(j) Emergency Act and for hiding and harboring and providing financial support to those actively engaged in politics and supporting Student Union. I was prosecuted along with co-defendants: 6 males, 7 females and 8 monks. I was sentenced 6 years. After serving 1 year and four months I was released for the reason to continue studies. end of first clip

Torture is something that leaves psychological and physical scar

This Photo was taken while AAPP was interviewing Than Than Htay
This Photo was taken while AAPP was interviewing Than Than Htay
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Than Than Htay was born in Rangoon and has other 6 siblings. She got a Bachelor of Chemistry degree and a Diploma of Applied Psychology from Rangoon Art and Science University. She has been interested in politics since she was a child. When nationwide pro-democracy protests known as 88 uprising occurred, she was a university student, she participated in this uprising and supported others protestors earnestly. Than Than Htay was a member of National League for Democracy and took part earnestly in political activities. Therefore, she was arrested two times in 1991 and 2000 by Military Intelligence Unit (7). She was sentenced to 6 years at first time and 17 years at second time, she spent total 12 years and 8 months in prison. Having released, she became a member of AAPP as a supervisor of Mental Health Assistance Program and has been working since then with might and main. She now lives with her family in Kamayut Township, Rangoon.