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Colonel (ret.) Jiří Louda (1920 - 2015) - Biography

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President Beneš told us: I keep our army as a political argument


Jiří Louda was born October 3, 1920 in Kutná Hora. After graduation from grammar-school he was drafted for his compulsory military training. His active duty was however interrupted by the Munich conference in 1938. In March 1939 he did get assigned to the Czechoslovak army, but then after the occupation of Czechoslovakia he had to leave the army. Therefore he decided to escape to Poland. From there he continued to France, where he applied for the Foreign Legion. He went through military training in France and Algeria and was assigned to an artillery regiment. After the fall of France he was transported by boat to the British Isles under very dramatic circumstances, and in Britain he went through another round of the training. He requested to be assigned to the paratroopers, but during the training he injured his meniscus and he spent the rest of the war in a radio station. After the war he returned to Czechoslovakia. Before the February coup d'état he served in an artillery regiment. In July 1948 he was however dismissed and in April of the following year he was arrested and imprisoned in the Mírov prison. He was released only in 1951. Afterwards he found employment in the university library in Olomouc where he was working till his retirement in 1976. In 1968 he was partly rehabilitated and promoted to the rank of major in retirement. He was fully rehabilitated in 1991 when he was also promoted to colonel in retirement. Jiří Louda passed away on September, the 1st, 2015.

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