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14. 3. 1953 – Klement Gottwald’s death

Related epochs

The Fifties - 1948 - 1959 (2492)

List of witnesses

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Josef Beneš (1936)

born 2 December 1936 1946, campaigned against the Communists with his father before the elections 1948, accepted to a grammar school in Brno 1950s, when extended grammar schools were dissolved, he applied to a vocational school and trained as a cook 1956, ... arrows 

Bernard Bokor (1924 - 2013) video clip available

born November 28, 1924 in the Piešťany district in Slovakia his parents went to work in Argentina, he was brought up by his grandmother Catholic education bishop grammar school in Trnava, teaching institute, theological seminary in Svätý Kríž Action K spent ... arrows 

Vladimír Brouček (1923 - 2015) video clip available

born 23rd May 1923 in Radhošť, Vysoké Mýto district graduated from a business academy in Choceň February 1943, sent to forced labour at a military airfield in Erding, Bavaria March 1948, arrested the first time and sentenced to three months in jail for ... arrows 

Olga Dufková, roz. Urbánková (1940)

born 1940 in Slaný memories of her grandfather’s and father’s stay in Russia her father returned to Czechoslovakia after the October Revolution establishment of a bus transport company in the Slaný region talking about the life of her family during WWII ... arrows 

Vladimír Holman (1929)

born May 12, 1929 in Osek, moved to Žebrák, and eventually to Prague-Libeň before the war stayed with his parents in the Orlické Mountains where his father was working on the construction of border fortiofications 1938 participant in the all-Sokol rally spent ... arrows 

Věra Hušková roz. Wentzeliová (1923) video clip available

Born in Prague, grew up in Čerčany near Prague Business Academy in Prague Worked as secretary since 1943 at an estate in Benešovsko used as training grounds by the Germans Witnessed the liberation of Benešovsko by the Red Army 1945-1948 - secretary of the ... arrows 

Herbert Jarošek (1925 - 2016) video clip available

born 1925 in Prague knew the family of T. G. Masaryk conscripted labour in the Autoarma factory in Holešovice during WWII participated in the Prague Uprising in May 1945 study of medicine surgeon in the Pod Petřínem Hospital in Prague, in the University ... arrows 

Hannelore Kalenská (1943)

born on April 4, 1943 in Doubí near Liberec mixed Czech-German family her father was a German, service in Wehrmacht, handicapped war veteran her mother was a Czech, worked as a clerk her parents were not deported after WWII 1957-1961 - secondary healthcare ... arrows 

Miriam Kama roz. Langová (1938)

born 4 June 1938 in Bytča, Slovakia Jewish family, printing shop and stationery 1942, father deported to Majdanek, where he died 1942, the witness and her mother and sister were taken to a camp in Sereď August 1944, left Sereď, hid in Nitra and Brezová pod ... arrows 

František Kinský (1947)

Born December 1947 in Hradec Králové. Descendant of an old Czech aristocratic family, full name Maria František Jan Emanuel Sylvestr Alfons, Count Kinský of Vchynice and Tetov. His grandfather František Josef Kinský led a delegation of Czech aristocrats to ... arrows 



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