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1944-1945 Hungary at the end of the second world war

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The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6403)

List of witnesses

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Urban Albert (1929) video clip available

born 11 May 1929 in Gemelčička (Făgetu) in Romania a Slovak from Romania his brother Ignác served in the Hungarian army during WW2 his brother Ignác was imprisoned in a Soviet POW camp 1947, re-emigrated to Czechoslovakia employee of the Staré Město State ... arrows 

Professor Růžena Bajcsy (1933)

born on May 28, 1933 in Bratislava lost her mother when she was three years old her father remarried, stepsister Marie the Gestapo arrested both her parents in autumn 1944, they died in December in 1945 she found her aunt who has survived the war, separation ... arrows 

Ruth Beery (1937)

30 July 1937 was born as Růžena Rónová in Hlohovec middle-class Jewish family older brother Bedřich (1930-2009) from spring 1942, the whole family hid to avoid deportation stayed with relatives in Tisovec October 1944, little Růžena was entrusted to nuns in ... arrows 

Hugo Engelhart (1926)

born 13 March 1926 into a Czech-German family in Olomouc both his parents were dentists his German father was from Děčín, his Czech mother was from Roudnice nad Labem he grew up and attended schools in Děčín and Roudnice nad Labem during WW2, active in the ... arrows 

Valerie Hiadlovská (1933)

Born on February 27, 1933, in Nyíregyháza Moved to Budapest 1944 - the bombing of Budapest Collapse of the house, a life in fear of the air raids 1944 - Budapest shelled by the Red Army Street fighting in Budapest Life in a self-dug bunker provision of ... arrows 

Margita Horáková (1923)

born on April 22, 1923 in Šamorín moved to Tomášov at first attended school in Martin, later studied at the German business school in Bratislava, until the Slovak State was established in 1944 transported to ghetto in Rastice, from there to the camp in ... arrows 

Lotte Kozová (1925)

Born July 19th, 1925 in Teplice. A victim of racial persecution had to leave after the takeover of the Sudetenland. From 1938-41 she lived in Prague, Piešťany and Sinevir in Ukraine. In August 1941 she escaped from a transport (internment) with her parents and ... arrows 

Agneša Krahulcová - Herzová (1922)

born on August 4th, 1922 in the Spiš region in a Hungarian and German Jewish family graduated at a Slovak secondary grammar school in 1940 family forced to emigrate to Budapest winter 1944, deported to the Ravensbrück concentration camp April 30th, 1945, ... arrows 

Doc. MUDr. Michal Kroó (1923 - 2016)

born 18 January 1923 in Mukacheve, Subcarpathian Ruthenia, Czechoslovakia from a Jewish family assigned to forced labour in the Hungarian army served in Hungary experienced the battle front in Budapest and the liberation of the city by the Red Army after ... arrows 

Ladislav Labancz (1939)

born 5 August 1939 in the Hungarian village of Bátorove Kosihy in what is now southern Slovakia Hungarian ethnicity 1938, his native village befell Hungary his father served in the Hungarian army at the end of WW2 witnessed the post-war anti-Hungarian ... arrows 



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