Captain (ret.) Vladimír Vaňous

* 1927  †︎ Neznámý

Celé nahrávky jsou k dispozici pouze pro přihlášené uživatele.

My dad threw a gun into a well for me

Vladimír Vaňous in 2021
Vladimír Vaňous in 2021
zdroj: Post Bellum

Vladimír Vaňous was born on September 10, 1927 in the village of Pavlovac on the territory of today‘s Croatia. His family belonged to the Czech community living in the vicinity of Daruvar, his parents worked in agriculture. After graduating from primary and middle school, he entered an industrial school in Zagreb, but did not complete his studies, as in 1944 he enrolled in the 1st Czechoslovak Brigade of Jan Žižka of Trocnov at the age of 17. He first served as an assistant at the machine gun and later as a typist at the staff of the Second Battalion. With the brigade, he participated in convoy raids, transports and sabotage operations. After the end of partisan fighting and the liberation of Yugoslavia, he re-emigrated to Czechoslovakia, where he began studying at an industrial school in Prague. He got married in Czechoslovakia, settled and gradually worked first on the State Farm in the Liberec region, then at the Gall factory for the production of aluminum pots in Mšeno near Jablonec nad Nisou, in Elektro-Praga and then in Liaz. He lived in Liberec at the time of filming (2021). The story of the witness could be recorded thanks to the support of the Statutory City of Liberec.