Corporal Richard Praus

* 1933  †︎ 2022

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I see the army through the eyes of the soldier, not the eyes of the commander

Ríchard Praus
Ríchard Praus
zdroj: Archiv pamětníka

Richard Praus originates in Písek, where, at the age of thirteen, in 1945, he witnessed the end of World War II. He still remembers his first-hand meeting with U.S. and later Russian soldiers, who met on the demarcation line running through Písek at that time. His father was the director of the forestry school and after the war he left to Ústí nad Labem together with his family and the adolescent Richard. Richard passed his military service in a chemical company in Prague, garrisoned in the buildings of the Břevnov Monastery. He moved to Prague permanently in 1964 and worked for the national company “Potrubí” (pipeline). After the revolution of 1989, he became personally engaged in correcting the image of the past and initiated the creation of several memorials in Písek. These memorials commemorate the contribution of the U.S. Army to the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945. He managed to save a unique collection of photographs from the days of the liberation. The author of these is a photographer from Písek, Langhans. Praus’s engagement gradually transformed into the foundation of the civic association “Buddies”, which is involved in similar activities.