Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Antonín Potecký

* 1934

  • After the onset of the NSDAP to power in Germany, our military leadership needed to graduates of higher technical school for officers of MS. Army reservists. Stanislav started a school for artillery officers in an ambush near 52nd Artillery Regiment in Josefov, Miloslav candles at Aviation Regiment No. 6 in Milovice. The decision MNO artillery aspirants were also assigned to serve in the Air Force. Pass medical examinations has not been easy, but Stanislav and Miloslav candles did. Their fate became Cheb. Since 1918, Cheb has undergone a number of Air Force officers. Late twenties moved to Prostejov school. In the fall of 1937, there ended the advanced training of pilots, Air Force officers in an ambush. The first Cheb Second Stanislav 1937 sent a message to his mother that he filed an application to the military academy. From October 1936 until the autumn of 1937 passed air training school graduates Air Force officers in an ambush, by special order of 3 January 1937. The last flight from 4 years. pl. 1 TGM left the airport in January 1938, during the mobilization was translated to Pardubice. After the Munich Agreement, there were Air Force Luftwaffe.

  • All graduates of retirement at the end of 1938 gathered at the Military Aviation School in Prostejov at application rates of field pilots. Here again met Stanislav Miloš candles. Again passed demanding studio with lots of special items. The estate Stanislava Zeinerta are two pictures of spring 1939. The photo group lieutenants in overalls at the airport in Prostejov: por. years. S.Zeinert, M.Švic, Josef Zítek, Antonín Zimmer and Čeněk Rejšek. Many of them left after the occupation of Czechoslovakia abroad and the RAF and they never come home

  • Leaving Czechoslovak airmen in foreign armies On Monday, 26 June 1939 to por. years. Stanislav Zeinert learned from Vaclav Šebek relevant to Zemechy, pilot reservists' Aviation Regiment No. 6, that with the help of the Union of Czechoslovak. Airmen may emigrate to Poland. Stanislav had previously considered to illegally cross the border. He wanted to continue flying and assumed that Czechoslovakia will again exist. He wanted to be, as he writes in the diary of fitness .... ' Therefore, the second day took the train from Kralupy to Prague to see the situation in the Union of pilots. He received his secretary, Airmen Association "Mr. Little. The secretary took down his name and asked Stanislav to await the arrival of Lt.-Col. Sedivy economic services, appropriate to the aircraft Regiment No. 6 Lieutenant Gray appeared before 11.00 am and gave him instructions: 'You will head a group of eight people, 28 6th go to a gymnasium in Dejvice. You will receive detailed information about crossing the border into Poland. " Stanislav told him that he would like to invited por resistance. years. Miloslav candles, which received approval. On the way from Prague thinking that plunges into an uncertain future and leave home mother. Even in Prague with my girlfriend goodbye Ruzenka. The Airmen Association had recommended hiking clothes. It was not too wise, because they have become prominent and the Gestapo already searched at the time, who organizes escapes.

  • My great-uncle por. years. Stanislav Zeinert was born on 9th 12th 1915 in Neuměřice in Slany. After the occupation of Bohemia left for Poland, signed a commitment in the Foreign Legion, which allowed him to leave for France Chrobry boat. After the defeat of France went to Africa, then to England, where he worked as an RAF pilot 311th Czechoslovakia. bomb.Sq. 25th 5.1941 was fatally injured as a result of air disaster at the airport Langham, Norfolk. Died 26th 5th Cromer in the hospital for internal injuries.

  • Prague is divided, not to be conspicuous and went to Ostrava. Stanislav made ​​contact with the railwaymen Vojta Pavlicek. Vojta show him the way to the place where they were at 23.00 pm waiting for converters. At 23.15 when passing freight train jumped into brzdařských bud. In each booth pushed four. On the Polish side is already waiting safety authorities drew up with them personal information. Then the bus took to Fryštát, where he met with about fifteen lieutenants. 10th July were moved to Krakow. In Krakow gradually gathered a lot of MS. soldiers and it was necessary to solve their accommodation. 15th July 1939 there was a move to Camp Bronowice. The camp was in poor condition, cleaned and enhancing the environment. The commander of the camp staff Cpt. Novak and Group Lt.. infantry Ludvik Svoboda. 24th July at the camp yard oath and Mass was celebrated. 29th 7th after medical examinations board the ship Chrobry. The next day passed Copenhagen. The waters to the boat approached the ship German police. They demanded that landed in the German port. The ship's captain strictly refused, and the request for extradition of Germans passenger list. First August 1939 landed in the French port of Boulogne sur Mer. In the afternoon went to Paris by train and bus to the air base in Wed Cyr.

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Stanislav Zeinert aspirant aviation Cheb
Stanislav Zeinert aspirant aviation Cheb
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Colonel.AntonínPotecký Anthony was born on 19 Potecký 4th 1934 in Zvoleněvsi. Compulsory schooling graduated in Slane since 1940. Elementary education completed in June 1949 a one-year classroom course. In 1949 he was admitted to the Military Aircraft Mechanics educational centers in Manchester and chosen for the apprenticeship electrician. In 1952 he joined the military service, where he continued his studies at the Military School in Poprad Aircraft Mechanics and Aerospace technical college in Liptovský Mikuláš. In August 1953 after testing officer was a lieutenant assigned to the 28th battlefield air regiment in Brno. After marrying Anna Hybenovou and the birth of a son in 1955 was transferred to the rear, Prešov backup aircraft. In 1959, the unit was canceled and Antonín Potecký passed on 1 school aviation regiment. After its cancellation was assigned to the 2nd school aviation regiment in Košice. In 1970 he went to teach military aviation college after completing two years of study at the Military Academy in Brno, he served as senior teachers and special electrical equipment for aircraft and helicopters. In the period 1979-81 he taught in the Libya operation and repair of aircraft. He retired in 1989. In 2910 he received from Headquarters Air Force in Zvolen Slovak Republic badge and diploma „Merited techniques Air Force.“