Nay Win

* 1960  

  • My name is Nay Win. My father name is U Aung Khin and he is also called as U Yan Shin in Daik–U. He moved from china to Burma when he was around 15~20 years old. My mother is Daw Nyunt May. I have 7 siblings and I am the third one. We were discriminated as we are half-blood Chinese. Both my elder brother and second elder brothers passed the matriculation examination with three distinctions but they didn’t get admission to Medical University or Technical Institute. They were graduated from Mawlamyine College. As my father tried hard, I became associate citizen and got admission to university of veterinary science. Later,my younger brothers got the same chance too but my elder brother did get it. Our houses were nationalized too as we are half-blood Chinese. We got them back after 10 – 15 years later. My father was restricted from travelling because he is a Chinese. I studied at university of veterinary science and graduated in 1986. After my graduation, I got married with Ma Thandar Khin in 1987 and my daughter, Phyo Phyo Aung, was born in 1988. I was arrested in 1989 and released in 2004. Although I was graduated with veterinary science, I don’t have any expertise in this subject. So, after getting out from the prison, I attended free Acupuncture Therapy Class opened by Sayar U Maung Maung Hlaing. I have been working Acupuncture Therapy Services since 2007 till now. I opened free clinics and also provides door to door Acupuncture Therapy Services. I don’t prioritize the charges and I only take the amount that my patients given to me for my door to door service. My brother is doing literary movements at Agriculture University. Similar movements are being done by me at Veterinary Science University, Ko Zaw Min at University of Medicine (2), Ko Thein Htay at main campus. And Ko Aung Chit@ Ko Khin Maung Win and Ko Ni are at RIT. Luckily, we are from different colleges. It was before 8888 uprising and it was around 80, 81, 82 and 83. At that time, we didn’t have connection with underground. What we did is we just tried for university magazine; we published wallpapers, pamphlets, poetry books and we held literary talks. Unlike today, there was no political movement at that time and students didn’t understand about politics. We did literary movement as much as we can. We made contact between each college and another. When we had literary talk at Veterinary Science University, we invited our friends from university main campus; we invited friends from University of Medicine and RIT. They also invited us when they were literary talks at their universities. We made contact with other friends and visited to Yezin and our group finally reached to Mandalay University. We stayed very friendly. Later, we added articles opposing military governments in the magazine. We added photos. We published poetry books. We made such movements and we experienced failing in the exams. Then, we tried again to pass it. Gradually, we got contact with underground in 1984. We got contact with communist party. It was because of Dr. Zaw Min and he got contact first. Then, Ko Hyay Thein and me got contact with Dr. Zaw Min and later, we got contact with Ko Kyaw Mya, who recently passed away. It was around 1984 and we prepared for underground movements. I read the papers from Ko Kyaw Mya. After reading that, we did campaign in 1984/85 for persuading students especially who support left-wing. We persuaded the students who read a lot and we called “Study Group”. We formed that group with 3 / 4 of us. We connected that group with Ko Kyaw Myint and introduced with Ko Kyaw Mya and Ko Thet Khaing at the same time. Me and Ko Thet Khaing continue working. One time, Ko Thet Khaing introduced me to Uncle U Tin Aung who passed away on the previous day. Me and Uncle U Tin Aung worked together. It was before 8888 uprising, we was working together and later we was involved in 8888 uprising as Underground Activist (UG). I was just involved in 8888 uprising as Underground Activist (UG). After 8888 uprising, I became joint secretary of a political party called “National Politics Alliance Army” which was based in Mandalay and it was in alliance with NLD. Our party was abolished in 1989 as we are listed as UG. Consequently, me and my friends were arrested in July 1989 and sentenced 10 years/ 20 years/ lifelong imprisonment.

Doing politics is for people

Nay Win, his wife and his colleague Ko Kyaw Mya
Nay Win, his wife and his colleague Ko Kyaw Mya
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Nay Win was a former political prisoner and spent for 17 years 10 months and 15 days in prison. He was tortured severely during interrogation. Nay Win was born in Rangoon (Yangon) and has other six siblings. His father is U Aung Khin and mother is Daw Nyunt May. He has one daughter named Phyo Phyo Aung who was also former political prisoners. He got the Bachelor of Veterinary Science. He faced difficulty when he applied professional University due to being Chinese. He was imprisoned for two times. When he was imprisoned first time in 1989, his daughter was 10 months old and second time in 2009. He was sentenced to 27 years imprisonment but he was in prison for 17 years 10 months and 15 days for two times. After released, he has continued performing political activities. Now, he is working as an acupuncturist and living with family in Rangoon.