Major (ret.) Sigmund Hladík

* 1927  †︎ 2021

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I can’t sleep at night cause I’m still haunted by the war images. I scream and jolt out of sleep at night. That’s the war syndrome I’m suffering from.

6486-photoa.jpg (historic)
Major (ret.) Sigmund Hladík
zdroj: Dobová: Válečná fotografie; Současná: 28.7.2011, autor Alena Vondrášková

Sigmund Hladík, a retired major, was born on March 1, 1927, in Mainz on the Rhine in a mixed Czech-Jewish family. His father was born in Prague and his mother came from Latvia. His parents were performers and were on the move frequently. They were residing in Prague in April 1939 but in order to save themselves from the Nazis they fled to Latvia. In this way, they were able to escape the Nazi regime, but fell into the hands of the Soviet dictatorship. On June 23, 1941, the day on which the Soviet Union was invaded by Germany, the family was arrested and transported eastwards. However, the transport was attacked by the German air force nearby the town of Or and little Sigmund lost his mother during the air raid. Together with his father, he was taken to prison in Oranky and then transferred to a Gulag camp in Akťubinsk in Kazakhstan. On February 21, 1942, he joined the army in Buzuluk as a private. He quickly advanced and in Novopechersk, he was already a signaler and helped with supplying the units. He saw action in the battles for Kiev, Vasil‘kov, Krosno and the operation at the Dukla Pass. He also fought in a number of other battles. Since February 1944, he was a member of an army music band and played at the declaration of the government program of Košice. After the war, he worked as a performer and he currently lives in Prague.