Václav Bečvář

* 1940

  • Motorcycles began in the sport. For the first edition of the race of the Knovíz-Birthday in 1924 was developed special 350 ccm with dvojtaktním engine. Took place under the patronage of industrialist Michla. The race attracted 13 machines, and met with such acclaim that the second edition was held in 1925 as the national races and has been broadened to include cars. In 1926, he took part in races and Čeněk Junek wagon and Eliška Bugatti. The last race was in 1927. Its a tradition restored the ' Orion slánský Club ' in 1989. The renewed premiere of Eliška Junková also participated in its Bugattce. In the year 2017 are races planned for 24. June.

  • In the year 1893 in Michlova of the Presidency at the white lamb held a 1. bike ball, to which he was invited by count Clam Martinic. That's when the idea began to produce Michl bicycles, and so at the beginning of 1894, along with three workers begins To Rock gardens with the production of high-quality velocipédů. It was the oldest factory for motorcycles and bicycles in the Czech Republic, Michl was technically very gifted. Capable of dílovedoucím was in the Pachmanovi helper. Interested in products grew, in 1895 the new factory was built very well technically equipped. From the velocipédů was only a step to motorcycles – Michl-Orion, and thus began a new era in 1902 of the factory. Exhibitions in Leipzig and Prague with motorcycles well stated. The company flourished.

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I am often on the Speedway Oval raked the dough and similar tasks, to me at least someone left on Speedway motorcycles

Václav Bečvář
Václav Bečvář
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Born on 19. 2.1940 in Hobšovicích. His father was a small farmer, but still ran a tailor shop. The beginning of the 1950s. years ago, when it was based in the Hobšovicích COLLECTIVE FARM animals will be weighed, and later became Chairman. He served in this position until the end of the 1960s. years, and held the position of State farm in Dearborn agronoma. Mom Václav Bečvář, Marie Bečvářová, roz. R j, though occasionally she was helping out in a local agricultural cooperative, was a homemaker. With his wife, Anna Bečvářovou has a daughter and a son, Marcela. Vaclav Becvar has two siblings, brother Vratislav, who all his life he worked as a coal miner at the bottom in the Švermovo, and a sister, Eve, that there she founded the famous hair salon. Vaclav Becvar is Chairman of Orion Club Slaný, under whose banner annually organizes highly attractive races vintage cars and motorcycles Knovíz-Olšany, which are increasing in popularity of the motoring public. It is also the owner of the private Museum of historic vehicles in Hobšovicích.