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Květoslava Bednářová (1924) - Biography

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My father told me: You best beat your enemy if you know his language!

Květoslava Bednářová, née Zelená, was born on 12 May, 1924 in Opava as the second daughter of the husbands Josef and Anna. Her childhood was scared by a sudden death of her mother, who died soon after the birth of the third daughter. Her father remarried very soon also for his three young children. His second wife became Karolína Zábršová from Nové Město in Moravia. In 1932 the family moved to Brno. The witness visited Sokol as a child and together with her other siblings attended an evangelic church. During war she belonged to the year, which had to serve forced labour for the Reich, but was lucky enough to stay in Brno. She worked as a Czech secretary in operations led by the Germans manufacturing small parts. After war she married and gave birth to two sons. In 1970s she was fired from job for alleged labour disputes. Květoslava Bednářová tried to defend herself in court, but lost, also due to the fact she was unjustly given a psychiatric diagnosis, of which she had no idea. After 1989 in her own words she reached an apology for the diagnosis. Květoslava Bednářová currently lives in Brno.

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