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Mojmír Kyselka (1933) - Biography

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After visiting Russia I completely abandoned my left-wing ideas

Mojmír Kyselka was born on 15 June 1933 in Brno. His father was a prominent Brno architect, his mother was from humble origins. During the war the family was in danger because one distant relative, a great grandfather, was a coal merchant of Jewish descent. During World War II the family had to move out of their house due to frequent air raids and take shelter with relatives in Vysočina. Mojmír Kyselka followed in his father's footsteps to graduate from architecture; he gained his first experience in Ostrava. In 1957 he was unexpectedly arrested by the police and placed in custody. He discovered he was suspected of distributing anonymous anti-Communists leaflets. He was threatened with ten years in prison in a show trial. The witness was expelled from the Architects' Union. He found a new job at Mendel University, where he specialised in urbanism and garden architecture. Although a pensioner now, he continues to take an interest in his field and to lecture on architecture.

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