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Emilie Nesvadbová (1935) - Biography

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I can still see little children´s shoes amid the burn

Emílie Nesvadbová, née Vignerová, was born on 20 November 1935 in the regional town of Ostrožec in Volyn in the former Poland (today´s Ukraine). At the age of less than eight years she personally witnessed the results of Nazi craze in the Český Malín. Amongst the burn and shot bodies of men, women and children there was also her sixty-eight years old granny Alžběta Vignerová, forty-three years old uncle Václav with his wife Maria (six years younger) and fourteen year old son Vladimir, thirty-two years old aunt Anežka Zemanová with her thirty-four years old husband Boris and their two daughters - ten year old Eliška and seven year old Mařenka. Only the grandpa, Jeroným Vigner, survived the massacre, to whom the family immediately moved from Ostrožec to Český Malín. Not long after that the witnessed lied in the empty room covered with a white sheet. She could not move due to high temperature caused by meningitis and everyone thought she could not be helped. Shortly after the father buried his mother and siblings, he was expecting the death of his eldest daughter. In the toughest times of his life apparently an angel appeared to him advising his daughter should get a few drops of tea. And those saved the life of Emília Nesvadbová. She started coughing and several weeks later she could stand up again. In 1947 the family re-emigrated to Czechoslovakia and settled down in Frankštát, where many families from the burnt Český Malín moved after the Germans were resettled. Out of pieta the village changed its name to Nový Malín in 1947. Since the age of fifteen until retirement Emílie Nesvadbová worked in Metro Šumperk. In 1955 she married Oldřich Nesvadba, and had two children, Ladislav and Irena with him. In 2017 she lived in Šumperk.

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