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Eva Mosnáková (1929) - Biography

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In the misery of times, humanity wasn´t killed by atrocities of the regime

Eva Mosnáková was born in 1929. Her father, who worked as a veterinarian, was Jewish and her mother was a Czech Christian. She grew up in the mining town of Handlová. After the worsening of the political situation in the 1930´s, she spent two years in Brno living with her aunts and experienced the German occupation of Bohemia and Moravia. Later her family settled in the town of Močenok near Nitra. Eva attended a catholic middle school. Due to his economic importance as a vet, a dispensation from deportations was granted to Eva´s father, so the family was spared from the first wave of transports to concentration camps. However, after the outbreak of the Slovak National Uprising all dispensations were abolished. They found their refuge in a family of Sudeten German Henrich Konrád and his Slovak wife Terka Mosnáková. The family of two children let them stay in their bedroom hiding from the SS for 7 months. Occasionally, they had to go to other people, to fields and vineyards. Eventually, Terka´s brother Vlado Mosnák, active in the resistance, took responsibility for their hiding. Due to his illegal activities, Vlado was arrested by the Gestapo and sent to Mauthausen. After the liberation, Vlado and Eva got married and their two sons Vladimir and Fedor were born. In the 1950´s, Vlado was accused of fraud in a fabricated trial and sentenced to one year in the Jáchymov uranium mines. While serving his sentence he was granted amnesty, but only much later he was fully rehabilitated. Eva encountered professional demotion and maltreatment due to her open rejection of the 1968 Soviet occupation. Today she helps holocaust victims and runs a survivors' club.

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