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Jiří Očenášek (1928) - Biography

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It was my mission to work as a sound director

Jiří Očenášek was born in 1928 as the only child of army officer Jindřich Očenášek. In the late 1930s he was a member of a boy-scout club which was part of the 11th Scout unit in Dejvice. Following the official ban of Junák, the Czechoslovak Scouting organization, he decided to carry on with those activities illegally and up until the end of the war he led a club of some 25 children. During the late years of World War II he was also active in the resistance organization Bílá hora. Along with his friends who were former Scouts themselves, he joined the official Nazi youth organization to carry out sabotages. During the Prague Uprising of 1945 he accompanied a tank convoy from Dejvice to Staroměstské náměstí. Thanks to his contacts in the resistance he was in May 1945 able to save the life of his father who was about to be executed as a result of a mistake of the Svoboda army's intelligence. Approximately a month after the end of the war, Jiří Očenášek worked as a motorcycle liaison of the army. At the time of his grammar school studies he used to participate in figure skating races, representing Czechoslovakia at the 1948 European Championship. Accordingly, he developed a liking towards mixed music and began to mix music himself in the recording studio of Jiří Řípa located at Václavské Náměstí. Later, he was assigned to produce music for Jiří Trnka's animated movies. After the nationalization of the studio he became an employee of state enterprise Supraphon. Up until the 1990s he worked as sound director responsible for recording live broadcasts, concerts, poetry readings and theater plays.

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