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Karel Franta (1928) - Biography

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When they need me, they know, where to find me

Karel Franta was born on May 1, 1928 in Libčice near Prague. He comes from a working-class environment. Later his father worked as a musician in several local bands. Also the witness was a fine musician playing trombone, and after finishing basic school the family was considering his studies at the conservatory. Karel Franta also painted since his childhood and therefore decided for a field of graphic draftsman for the Melantrich publishing house. After finishing the studies he remained in the publishing. In 1947 he founded a new magazine Haló, a part of a Sunday papers, which evolved into the future Květy. In 1949 he decided to add to his arts education and was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts, which he finished in 1954. During his studies he still kept contact with former colleagues from Melantrich, so after graduating from the obligatory military service in 1956 he began to cooperate as a drawer in various magazines based on the contacts from Melantrich. Later he worked as an illustrator of children and comic books. In 1986 he was awarded Grand Prix UNICEF at the OSN and is also enlisted at the honorary list in the International association for children books.

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