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Dagmar Trojanová (1922) - Biography

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We were cooking the blueberry jam for three days in order to have enough for the pancakes for the children


Dagmar Trojanová was born July 25, 1922 in Hlinsko. Her father Karel Nevole was a manager of a sawmill at that time, and later he began trading in wood and coal. Her mother was a housewife. Their second daughter Jana was born in 1928. Jana later studied pharmacy and worked in a pharmacy in Hlinsko. Until the outbreak of WWII, both sisters enjoyed wonderful carefree childhood, which was also filled with Scout camps and exercising in Sokol. Dagmar Trojanová graduated from Secondary Special School for Girls' Jobs in Chrudim. Her father employed her in his business during the war. After her father's death, Dagmar and her mom began working as managers of this family business, but it was confiscated after the communists came to power. Dagmar afterwards worked in a coal depot and in the textile company Plyšan, where she remained until her retirement. Dagmar Trojanová has one daughter, who used to work as a librarian in the Municipal Library in Hlinsko, one granddaughter and one great-grandson.

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