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The Women of Lidice

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Nazism (3307)

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Milada Cábová (1924 - 2015)

she spent her childhood in Lidice engagement with František Cába annihilation of Lidice village - June 10th 1942 arrival to forced-labor camp in Ravensbrück march to Schwerin liberation in forest camp in Crivitz return to Czechoslovakia wedding with ... arrows 

Miloslava Jirasová, roz. Studničková (1913)

born on November 27th, 1913 in Lidice life of Lidice farmers marriage with Jaroslav Podhora burning Lidice down interned in the concentration camp Ravensbrück death march in April 1945 marriage with Karel Jiras life of farmers under the Communist regime ... arrows 

Miloslava Kalibová (1922)

born December 29, 1922 living in Slovakia at the time when the Slovak State was established experienced the extermination of Lidice, her father was executed interned in the Ravensbrück concentration camp death march the first commemoration ceremony in ... arrows 

Professor, Ing., CSc. Jan Kučera (1946)

born 4 March 1946 in Prague both parents were imprisoned during the Nazi occupation his godparents were Hana Benešová and Jan Masaryk 1964-1969, studied nuclear chemistry at the Czech Technical University in Prague (first two years at the Faculty of Natural ... arrows 

Ruth Mittelmann (1925)

born on August 17, 1925 in Bratislava as Charlotta Neumann well-to-do Jewish family in 1930–1933 she was receiving treatment in Leysin in Switzerland study at Jewish grammar schools in Bratislava and Budapest member of Maccabi Ha Tzair since 1938 the family ... arrows 

Božena Vodrážková (1923)

born 1923 in Prague spent her childhood in France working in a factory producing children’s furniture her brother was sent for conscripted labour to Germany during the war lived in Lidice before its destruction living on Podhora’s farm eradication of ... arrows 



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