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Vicar without State agreement

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Churches and religious societies (600)

List of witnesses

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František Adamec (1922 - 2011) video clip available

1922, Born in Dědice near Vyškov July 5, 1946, ordained a priest by Bishop Stanislav Zela December 1948, met Hana Benešová in Sezimovo Ústí February 19, 1949, arrested for allegedly having a bad influence on youth Sentenced together with the group Orel (The ... arrows 

Tomáš Bísek (1939)

Born on November 30, 1939, in Prague Graduated from the Technical University in Prague Studied theology at the Comenius Faculty of Theology 1969 - postgraduate studies in the U.S. 1970-1982 - served as a pastor of the ČCE in Vysočina 1977 – signed the ... arrows 

Miloslav Blaho (1926)

born on October 15, 1926 in Necpaly, Martin district attended an elementary school and a grammar school in Žilina study of evangelical theology at the Slovak Evangelical Theological Faculty after the successful graduation he continued studying psychology for ... arrows 

Lumír Čmerda (1930)

13th November, 1930 born in Pilsen studied evangelic theological faculty taken away the state agreement in 1950s worked in Ostrava as a fine artist in the Park of culture and relaxation 1973–1980 – a priest in the church of St. Nicolas at the Old Town square ... arrows 

cardinal Jaroslav Dominik Duka (1943)

was born on April 26, 1943 in Hradec Králové his father František Duka served in the Government Army during the war, deserted and joined the Czechoslovak foreign Army, served as an armourer in No. 311 Czechoslovak Bomber Squadron of the Royal Air Force; imprisoned ... arrows 

Mgr. Jaromír Dus (1938)

28th August 1938 born in Brno graduated from the Evangelical Theological Faculty, Prague, completed his student practice at Benešov, studied at Cambridge, took part at a conference in Uppsala, later served as a vicar and minister in Prague Vršovice 1971 deprived ... arrows 

Miloslav Fiala (1928) video clip available

Born on 28 August, 1928 in Malín near Kutná Hora In 1949 arrested and interrogated by the secret police In 1952 served three years of basic military service In 1955 persecuted and interrogated by the secret police and forced to cooperate In 1968 began ... arrows 

Monsignor Vnislav Fruvirt (1923)

born on July 11, 1923 in the village Příbram na Moravě near Zastávka u Brna 1947 ordained a priest, served in Tvarožná 1952 transferred to Mašovice and drafted to do military service 1953 arrested for anti-state activity 1960 released in amnesty after seven ... arrows 

Monsignor Karel Herbst (1943) video clip available

born 6 November 1943 in Prague 1960, trained as an electric-locomotive technician, worked in the profession until 1968 1968, graduated from a grammar-school distance course in Prague 1968-173, studied at the Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Divinity in ... arrows 

Pavel Hlaváč (1939)

born 1939 in Kutná Hora his father was imprisoned for political reasons graduated from the Komenský Evangelical Theological Faculty served as a pastor in Prague, Nepomuk, and Proseč from early 1970s, persecuted by State Security participated in the ... arrows 



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