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Gypsies / Roma

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Holocaust (771) National Minorities (1116)

List of witnesses

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Mária Baranyi (1974)

1974 was born in Diósjenő 1977–1993 lived in Alsópetény 1988–1993 learned in high school health professionals in Vác 1993–1998 nurse in the National Cardiology Institute, Budapest 1998–2008 worked in the family support service 2000–2005 studied at he János ... arrows 

František Gabčo (1948)

born 1948 in Ruská Nová Ves in Slovakia in 1962 began studying a vocational school for miners in Karviná, but did not finish it in 1963 moved to Rotava with his parents from 1963 until 1967 employed by the Czechoslovak State Forests company in 1967 witnessed ... arrows 

Ladislav Goral (1939)

born 18 November 1939 in Vác, Hungary during the war, lost eight relatives 1953, fled from his family in Levice, Slovakia, and moved to Prague studied to be a phone operator at a secondary technical school mid-1960s, completed three semesters of history and ... arrows 

Éva Hegyesiné Orsós (1954)

1954 was born in Budapest (Her father, a descendant of (beás) Gypsies) 1972 graduated from Imre Madách Secondary School 1972 became a member of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party 1975 earned the degree in Eötvös Loránd University, at the Faculty of Primary ... arrows 

Karel Holomek (1937)

Born in 1937 in Brno, grew up in Moravian Slovakia. His father Tomáš was the first university-educated Roma in Czechoslovakia, his mother Hedvika was a farmer’s daughter. During WW2, was kept hidden because of transport threat, most of the Roma part of his family ... arrows 

Marie Kormanová (1937)

She was born on June 30th 1937 in a Romany village Dlhe over the Cirocha River Her family was forced to be hiding in the woods in 1944 On November 2nd 1944 their village has been closed up by Germans and the citizens have been transported into detention camp in ... arrows 

Emílie Machálková (1926)

Born in 1926 into a significant Roma family of Holomeks Grandfather pushed through the right of Roma to live in villages she was rescued from deportation to concentration camp Thirty-three members of the immediate family carried into camps, none of them ... arrows 

Anna Šipošová (1938)

Born on 26 September, 1938 in a Roma family Spent her childhood in Slovakia in a village of Ladce near Považská Bystrice At the end of WW2 her family was forced to move to Bolešov due to her native village being mainly burnt out Father and uncle interned in a ... arrows 

Stanislav Tišer (1957)

born on 5 October 1957 started boxing as a fifteen-year-old was a boxer for twenty years seven times Czechoslovak champion in 54 kg category made a living as illicit moneychanger after 1989 became a box coach ... arrows 

Štefan Tišer (1950)

Born in 1950 in Stráž near Tachov Spent his childhood at his grandparents in Slovak Betlanovce Studied economics at the secondary school, but worked in manual professions Since 1970s participated in Roma social and political events in Pilsen region sought ... arrows 



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