Ing. Josef Vacke

* 1929  †︎ 2013

Celé nahrávky jsou k dispozici pouze pro přihlášené uživatele.

My motto is: Hang on!

portrét dobový.jpg (historic)
Ing. Josef Vacke
zdroj: dobová - archiv pamětníka, současná - Vilém Faltýnek

Josef Vacke comes from Zdolbunov in the Polish part of pre-war Ukraine. He was born on 1 April, 1929. His family maintained regular contacts with Czechoslovakia. His father was trained in the company Laurin & Klement and subsequently tried to establish himself as an entrepreneur in the Ukraine. In the fall of 1945, Josef went on a troop transport to Czechoslovakia and started attending high school in Zlín. His parents and his brother followed him two years later. He graduated from an agricultural school and became a specialist in cereal virology. After graduation in 1953, he joined the Research Institute of Crop Production in Prague. In the 1950s and 1960s, he dealt with crop infections which occurred as a result of the collectivization of agriculture. He is the author of over two hundred scientific articles in several languages.