Aniela Stojanowska

* 1926  †︎ 2011

  • "Later when the Germans came, they picked up all the Jews from villages, built a big cabin at the mine, sort of a labor camp, and put all the Jews there. Later, when they heard they would have to run away , they dug two ditches in the lower part of the forest, where they used to get clay from, and they put a big board over the ditch. Son, father and wife, both from here, later son and daughter, they really beat them up, all falling, all falling into the ditch, some were killed instantly, some of them didn’t get hit, and so down there, they later covered it up, there was red foam leaking from the ground, from the graves, it was a trench because those were all healthy people."

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I would like to return to Ukraine, but only if there were no Ukrainians. If only our house were there like before, I would leave everything and just go there, I am so homesick. That’s my home country.

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Aniela Stojanowska

Aniela Stojanowska, daughter of Maria and Kaziemierz Stojanowski, born 26th February 1926 in Kozaki, died 1st September 2011 in Pyrzany. Attended school in Kozaki. Baptized by priest Michał Krall and then wedded by him after she arrived in Pyzrany at the age of 19. In the East she worked as a switchboard operator, she was a office assistant. After she moved to Pyrzany she took care of the household. She lived in Pyrzany.