Soe Myint

* 1953  

  • My name is Soe Myint and my nickname at home is Ko Soe. I don’t have other name but I have pen names. I am 67 now since I was born on 11 April 1953. I have only one child. Only me and my elder sister whom I take care for the whole life are still alive in my family. So, three of us are now staying together. My father name is U Maung Khat and mother name Daw Ohm. I arrived to Yangon in 1964, so, I didn’t have a chance to see 1962 Seven July Student Protest. Even if I get the chance, I couldn’t know it exactly as I was too young. But I moved to Yangon in 1964 and then passed the matriculation examination. I went to university in 1970 but the blood didn’t get dried within this period. Every moment is still fresh. Something like the place where students’ union building was demolished, The place where the students were killed and Bo Aung Kyaw’s monument At that time, we could see the crack at university stadium resulting from the bombing of students’ union building. Those are the things which make us to be curious what is Seven July. (00:06:01:20) So, I was also interested about this. Learned why this happened Through these student movements, I was interested in politics of our country and I was getting involved. When we were university students around the years 74/75/76, democracy was completely ruined. Therefore, we were getting involved in student movements from a specific role. Frankly speaking, military dictator of that time also presumed the students as rebel. Among rebels, only Burma Communist Party could move very strongly due to their political experience through different government era. So, as usual, young and motivated students had contact with Burma Communist Party during their student life. But there was no legally-established party during that period, and it was also announced Burma Communist Party as illegal. So, students firstly need to contact with UG of the party. In this way, both monks, civilian, students and workers were getting contacted with the political path/wing of Burma Communist Party. For the first time, it was 2 years detention from 1978 to 1980 due to my involvement in student movements. All the arrested students were charged under section 5 (a), 5 (c), 5(j)/ 34 and continued legal proceedings. But all are released during the examination according to the amnesty order 2/80 in 1980. We weren’t imprisoned and getting out after 2 years detention.

A man who stayed behind the bars longer than Mandela did

U Soe Myint spent over 29 years in prison as a political prisoner. Now, He has knee problems and kidney disease due to the tortures during interrogation, long imprisoned life, nutrition problem, suffocating and repression in prison. U Soe Myint was born in Zayat Hla Village, Yay Kyi Township, Ayeyarwaddy Region on 11 April 1953. His parents are U Maung Phat and Daw Ohn. He is the second child among three. He studied Veterinary Science until final year, part II. For the first time, he participated in 74/75/75 student movement and also participated in Burma Communist Party. He was charged under section 5(a), 5 (e), 5 (j)/ 34 for his involvement in 1987 student movement and detained for two years. He was arrested for the second time in 1981 while he and his communist party fought with military troops in the battle ground. He was sentenced to total 8 years imprisonments including 3 years imprisonment under section 17(1/2) and another 3 years imprisonment under section 124(a) for sedition. He was arrested for the third time in November 1991 for his participation together with Burma Communist Part in 8888 Uprising. In 1992, Court-Martial of North Yangon District sentenced him to 12 years imprisonment under section 17 (1). He was sued again in the prison for his inside political movements and sentenced to additional 12 years imprisonment under section 6 and 5 (e). U Soe Myint is one of the prisoners who had longest imprisoned life.