Richard Müller

* 1927  

Celé nahrávky jsou k dispozici pouze pro přihlášené uživatele.

If people weren’t trying to find their happiness in money but in genuine respect for their fellows, we’d all live a better life.

  Richard Müller was born on January 29, 1927, in Kyjov. The Müller family was Jewish and raised six children - three girls and three boys. In Kyjov, Richard‘s father worked in a Jewish home and a cafeteria and also for the Jelínek distillery. In 1939, Richard Müller completed the Kyjov primary school, but he was not able to continue his studies further due to the expulsion of Jewish students from schools. In January 1943, the Jews from Kyjov were deported to the ghetto in Theresienstadt. Richard left Kyjov with his parents and siblings on January 23, 1943. The family remained in Theresienstadt until September 28, 1944, when Richard Müller was deported to Auschwitz. His parents followed him on October 28, 1944. They died probably already on the route to the camp or shortly after their arrival, probably on November 1, 1944. Richard Müller remained in Auschwitz until the end of January and then had to join a death march. He set out on a journey to Katowice and then to Košice, where he joined the army. There he stayed until the end of May, when he asked for his release from the army. His three sisters returned home after the war and together with him lived in Prague. The two other brothers died in Theresienstadt. Richard Müller was trained as a baker. He is divorced, has one daughter and lives in Prague. His sisters are buried at the Jewish cemetery in Brno.