Ladislav Kubizňák

* 1949

  • "´Imagine that you are an agent and describe your journey to your home.´ I began with my description: ´You go to the Budějovická station, get on the bus 206, ride that bus and get off at the bus stop Modrá škola.´ Then something ringed a bell for me and I told this bearded man: ´I get off and you continue in the bus.´ (...) ´How do you know that I stay in the bus?´ - ´Just now I realized that I know you from the bus.´ It turned out that he was the chief of that surveillance school. This sparked his interest in me. I realized that his face was familiar to me. (...) You win their interest in strong moments like this, and it was my intention to get them interested in me. (...)"

  • "We were in the Sequoia National Park, and we were followed by a Californian surveillance group. Those guys were quite reasonable. We stop somewhere to eat. They come in after us, naturally, because they had had to park their car and so on (...). We are finished. You have to wait for them to finish. Only when they finished their meals and ordered coffee, I winked at the group’s boss: ´Can we go?´ He nodded and we left. When you form some relationship with such group, and don’t make it difficult for them, don’t speed away and behave reasonably, sometimes they can help you out, too. That's what they did for us. (...) They helped us to get to the airport by showing us shortcuts. Otherwise I would have missed the plane."

  • "Drabík was my cover name, it originated from the name of the street. (...) Cover name Drabík, number 169 765. Cipher messages were signed with number only. When the National Security Institute did a background check on me, I told them: ´The Czechoslovak State had given me a different identity. There was certain Drabík with this number, but I am Láďa Kubizňák, so don't confuse the two. It was not of my own will, it was the will of the State, of which the Czech Republic is now the successor. (...) There was Drabík, so deal with him. (...) Show me any cipher message that is signed with the name Láďa Kubizňák. There isn’t any. That’s just a hypothetical question."

  • "As I speak about the important things, we are now finally coming to the issue of sources. We don’t speak about our sources. This is part of our ethics, and difficult to speak about – this topic is usually not discussed. The main activity was gathering confidential information from all areas of life. Especially issues related to politics, economy and science and technology. We had to work on protection against the penetration of counterintelligence, who were on their home field, and well trained and qualified. Moreover, they had such technical devices in their equipment that we could only dream about."

  • "I was dispatched to New York. I flew there in September in relation to the beginning of the UN General Assembly. That was because my legal function was a diplomat and my agenda included the 5th committee of the UN General Assembly, which covered issues like budget, peace forces financing, retirement fund, and similar personal and administrative agenda related to the activities of the United Nations."

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In New York I was in the centre of action at that time

Ladislav Kubizňák in the 1960s
Ladislav Kubizňák in the 1960s
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Ladislav Kubizňák was born in 1949 in Jaroměř, but he grew up in the Broumov region. In 1971 he graduated from the Secondary Technical School of Machinery in Hradec Králové and then in 1976 he graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. In 1976-1980 he was working in the city committee of the Socialist Youth Union in Prague and in the State District Office of Public Health in Prague 4. In 1980 he began working for the 26th department of the Ministry of Interior - the National Security Corps, counterintelligence section, and from 1984 he served in a legal function at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In September 1985 he was sent to the permanent mission with the UN in New York as a diplomat to the 5th Committee of the UN General Assembly. From June 1988 he worked as a deputy to the intelligence service resident officer in New York and he remained in the USA until the end of February 1990. He was dismissed form the intelligence service in 1991, the official reason being due to organizational changes. Between 1999 and 2006 he was the head of the Czech Trade office in Riga.