Jindřich Kubienka

* 1942

  • "I found a leaflet in my letterbox that was a speech by Karel Kyncl. In it he condemns all the actions of General Secretary Husák, protests against the invasion of Soviet troops and of the whole Warsaw Pact. I liked the leaflet, I agreed with it and I told my secretary, she was the director´s secretary, to make copies of it secretly for me. I then distributed the leaflets to my friends, who may or may not agreed, and asked them to copy them and distribute them further. The leaflet stated that the Secretary-General was practically in agreement with the temporary stationing of the Soviet army on our territory."

  • "My mother went to Auschwitz concentration camp as soon as possible after the war. When she came back, she told me: 'Heňo, you will never go there. You must never see the atrocities that were done.' So my mother visited the concentration camp. As an adult, when I was researching how my father got involved in resistance activities, I also visited the Auschwitz concentration camp. I also went to the archives there, and by coincidence I found a letter that my father had written in the camp in Myslovice, which was a kind of an entry camp of the Auschwitz concentration camp. One version of the letter was in Polish, the other in German. In it he is saying goodbye to his whole family, he is saying goodbye to his father, his sister and he is saying goodbye to me and my mother. In that letter he expressed his wish that she would bring me up in the spirit in which he had grown up. That is to say, he asked her to educate me in the Polish language, provided there were Polish schools."

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He distributed leaflets against Husák. When he was defending himself at court, the judge was nervously squeezing glasses

Jindřich Kubienka / around 1970
Jindřich Kubienka / around 1970
zdroj: Witness´s archive

Jindřich Kubienka was born on 31 May 1942 in Karviná. His mother was of German nationality, while his father, Arnošt Kubienka, claimed Polish nationality even during the German occupation. He joined the Polish resistence and the Nazis executed him in 1943 in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Jindřich trained as a repairman of agricultural machinery, later he studied farming and breeding, and graduated from secondary school. He worked at the State Farm Český Těšín. At the beginning of the 1960s he joined the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. In 1968 he supported the communist reformist wing and the liberalization process. He also proposed that the state farm should return smaller plots of land that were hard to cultivate to their original owners. In the summer of 1969 he distributed leaflets calling for expressions of dissent against the Soviet occupation and condemning the new Communist Party leadership led by Gustáv Husák. He ended up before the court for this. In January 1970, a judge in Karviná punished him with a seven-month suspended sentence for one year for defaming the republic, its leader and the state belonging to the world socialist system. After the verdict, he took a job at the Český Těšín farm in Karviná. In November 1989 he joined the Civic Forum in Karviná. He was repeatedly elected a local representative in Karviná as a member of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS). He also worked in the national commission that dealt with restitutions of agricultural land. In 2022 he was living in Karviná. He claimed Polish nationality.