Sima Dmytrivna Kordunova

* 1931

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Historical memory needs to be preserved

Sima Dmytrivna Kordunova (en)
Sima Dmytrivna Kordunova (en)
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Sima Dmytrivna Kordunova was born on February 14, 1931, in the village of Lavriv near Lutsk in what was then interwar Poland. In the village of Lavriv she underwent Soviet (1939-1941) and German occupation of Ukraine (1941-1944). During the Nazi occupation, her home village was burned down by Nazi soldiers in retaliation for the departure of the local Ukrainian police to join the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. During the Nazi occupation, her brother was taken to the Third Reich for forced deployment, and after the re-arrival of the Soviets, Father Dmytro was mobilized into the Red Army in 1944. Instead of joining the front, however, he was probably shot by the NKVD near the Russian city of Ufa. Sima Dmytrivna graduated from the Pedagogical Institute and in 1975 she moved to the village of Polonka near Lutsk. She wrote a book about the history of the village of Lavriv and currently writes a book about Polonka, which is now part of the city of Lutsk. At the time of filming, she was still living in this part of Lutsk in the Volyn region of western Ukraine.