JUDr. Václav Eliáš

* 1929  †︎ 2017

  • “I had quite a lot of books and they were writing various statements for me and so when the situation changed here, I applied and I submitted those letters and then I began a distance study of law again, and they even acknowledged my previous two years of study. An interesting situation occurred, because when I started fighting for my rehabilitation, I began writing various letters and I brought the last letter there, and it stated that they considered me a rehabilitated student, and the official thus told me that since I had everything in order, I was allowed to come to the graduation ceremony... straight away... and after graduation I went to work in the brickworks in Bohunice.”

  • “I say that I was lucky every time, because everything turned for the better and instead of running somewhere on the army drill grounds, I was working on construction sites and there was no bullying there. They later discovered in the Auxiliary Technical Battalions that the commanders’ salaries depended on how their subordinates were fulfilling the plan and so they could not act too unreasonably and they were careful.”

  • “Some interesting characters gathered there. There was a certain first lieutenant and for the first time I looked to see whether he was a lieutenant or a first lieutenant, and he was the first lieutenant Brajer, and then we also had a great lieutenant there, and the reason why they sent him to our units was that he had his car stolen why he had served in a combat unit, and he had one negative personal trait: when he returned drunk from a pub, he would start shooting from his gun, and that was not desirable, so yes, there was this kind of fun as well.”

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    Brno, 25.04.2017

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When they kicked me out from the law faculty, I ran away to theatre and I became a dancer

Young man
Young man
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Václav Eliáš was born September 27, 1929 in Pilsen. His family moved several times and for some time they lived in Břeclav. Václav attended the trade academy in Břeclav and he was used to meeting Czech as well as German students, however, tensions ensued between these two groups after the outbreak of World War Two. The family moved to Brno after the end of WWII and a new era started. Communists seized power and this coup d‘état was a disaster for Václav‘s father, who had studied law during the era of the Austro-Hungarian empire and who had no qualms about criticizing the new regime. One day he spoke critically about the communists and somebody informed upon him. Based on this denouncement he was sent to do forced labour in uranium mines and he returned from there with deteriorated health. Václav‘s mother, who had been a housewife until then, had to start earning a living for the whole family and Václav‘s father never returned to working as a lawyer again. Václav Eliáš decided to study law as well, he successfully passed the entrance examinations, but after one year he was expelled from the faculty due to the politically negative profile of his family. In 1951 he was sent to the Auxiliary Technical Battalions. Two years later he was released and he tried to gain admission to the law faculty for the second time. His first attempt was not successful, but thanks to his persistence he was eventually able to become a student again and he graduated holding a JUDr. degree. His father did not live to see his graduation ceremony. Václav subsequently worked as a company lawyer in Gustav Kliment Brickworks. Then he became employed in a housing cooperative where he continued working until his retirement. He lives in Brno and he is divorced.