Ilnara Dudash

* 1984

  • "However, the shock, then actually comes a feeling of guilt. That you are somewhere, I would say in a warm-up that it does not concern you, but your people are dying there and have to fight for your freedom, for the freedom of your loved ones and for the freedom of your country. So I felt guilty that I wasn't there."

  • "I can now proudly declare that I am not only Ukrainian, but also Czech, I also have Czech citizenship. So I am twice as proud. On the one hand, I am proud of those Ukrainians who are fighting, bravely, very bravely. And secondly, I am terribly proud that I can belong to Czech society, because the way the Czech Republic has behaved is truly admirable. The Czech Republic has opened its arms, its brave shoulder to every Ukrainian and is trying to help."

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    Brno, 22.04.2022

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As a Ukrainian and a Czech, I am doubly proud

young Ilnara Dudash
young Ilnara Dudash
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Ilnara Dudash was born on July 9, 1984 in Germany into the family of a Soviet soldier. In 1986, together with her parents and her younger sister, who was a year younger, she moved to western Ukraine. She started first grade in the town of Mukachevo and at the age of seven, she moved to the village of Danylovo, where she lived until she was 17. Her grandparents raised her for most of her childhood, as her mother went to work in the Czech Republic. After finishing high school, Ilnara Dudash went to study at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Uzhgorod. Then he and his partner decided to go abroad, initially for two years. Due to her mother‘s work experience and contacts, she and her partner went to the Czech Republic in 2006. In the first months, she scraped by in poorly paid jobs, often outside the labour market. Over time, however, she became bolder, mastered the language and began her studies at Masaryk University. In 2014, together with her colleagues, she founded the Ukrainian Initiative of South Moravia, z.s., of which she is the president. In March 2022, under the banner of the Ukrainian Initiative of South Moravia, the Ukrainian Center was established in Brno, which became one of the contact points for many Ukrainians fleeing their homeland before the war. In 2022, Ilnara Dudash lived in Brno.