Milan Dlhý

* 1929

  • “Once at night I heard banging on the door. I thought someone was going to turn in musical instruments. I opened the door and the hall was full of militiamen. And they told us: ‘Get dressed, you shall come with us!’ Nothing else. We couldn´t even take our blankets.”

  • “As usually, we went to a park where we sat and talked. However, suddenly we noticed somebody was watching us. And indeed, at once, men with revolvers surrounded us and said: ʻHands up!’ Back then I thought to myself I rather wanted them to shot me down than to throw me in a lockup for 12 years; since, they used to give people such high sentences as 12 years of imprisonment. As one of them yelled at me whether I didn’t have to follow his order to put my hands up, I raised them up, and they took us to prison.”

  • “They investigated, investigated on, and when I wanted to say something to my defense, the investigator started running to me as he wanted to slap my face. He didn´t, in the end. Imagine I was investigated for the whole year, yet after being there for one year already. When they came to think I didn´t tell them exactly what they wanted to hear, they sent me to a cell even for three months, where I waited and waited. After about a year, they took me and led me and other two men away like soldiers. We had a trial on the day before Christmas. There were three of us tried that day. One was released, another one got two months and I was sentenced to eight months, so that no one could say we got it equal. Thus I served another eight months in Jáchymov.”

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No one ever found a mistake in the gospel

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Milan Dlhý
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Milan Dlhý was born on January 6, 1929 in the village of Staré Hory. When being two years old, his aunt Štefánia Lovíšeková took care of him and together they lived at his grandmother‘s in Považská Bystrica. There he attended elementary school in years 1935 - 1940 and in 1940 he left to study at the Salesian Grammar School in Šaštín for five years. After passing the school leaving examination, as a Salesian he was assigned to work with youth at Miletičova Street in Bratislava. In 1950 he experienced the Barbarian Night and gradual internment in Šaštín, Podolínec, and Kostolná pri Trenčíne. In September 1950 he had to enlist in the Auxiliary Technical Battalions (PTP), where he was arrested during the service in September 1952. He was imprisoned and sentenced the day before Christmas in 1953. He spent eight months in Jáchymov uranium mines. After being released he had various jobs mostly in the building industry and until the Velvet Revolution of November 1989 he was monitored by the State Security (ŠtB). Nowadays he lives retired in Žilina.