Hilda Bartáková

* 1928

  • "In the war, we had rations there. There was a great need, I must say. In Germany we got one for the sixteenth milk, but diluted milk. My dad was at work, he had to enlist, not for the war, but for work, so I was alone with that mother. It wasn't that easy. We went to pick ears, and you had to look like mushrooms in the woods."

  • "And it was like that. It wasn't the republic yet and we were welcome here, but from the German side it wasn't official. We weren't allowed to. And we went. I always say that I came to Bohemia through a green meadow. I mean, when those who were free here were at home on vacation, and one student took me with him, and we went illegally across the border, and I didn't speak Czech yet, and he always said... we went on foot, through the forest, at night, so what. He was also a Lusatian Serb and studied here. And he took me with him."

  • "Then I lived here in Prague in a Lusatian-Serbian seminary. We all spoke Lusatian-Serbian. They studied here because they didn't have a chance to study in Germany and the Lusatian Serbs could study here in the Czech Republic. And also in Rumburk and upstairs there was a grammar school and And I actually got here not as a student, but as the au pairs going out, so girls and boys came here from Lusatia for work, and I was in a family near Charles Square in Příčná Street, with two small children. And then they didn't have the money anymore and I stayed here in the Czech Republic, so I went to the employment office and here I was employed in the canteen of the Ministry of Fuels and Energy."

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She came to Bohemia through a green meadow

Hilda Bartáková (en)
Hilda Bartáková (en)
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Hilda Bartáková was born on July 3, 1928 in the Lusatian-Serbian village of Demjany (Diehmen in German) in the Bautzen district. Dad‘s ancestors were Lusatian Serbs and German‘s mother; German was spoken at home. In 1947 she came to Bohemia and started working in the canteen of the Ministry of Fuels and Energy. She later moved briefly to Leipzig, where she worked as a secretary at the Lusatian-Serbian Institute of Speech and Literature. In 1956 she married Jiří Barták and remained in Prague, where she lives to this day (2022). She worked as a telephone operator for the German embassy for six years, then for 32 years in the local sales department.