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Konstantin Karger (1929) - Biography

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Every evil and every injustice has its beginning and its end

Konstantin Karger was born on 8 December 1929 in Bušín near Šumperk. In 1944, at the age of fourteen, he acted as a messenger between resistance and partisan groups around his native village. During a massive operation against resistance fighters in the area, he would set out under the cover of night on a perilous journey though the forest to pass on important information. He received most of his messages from his uncle Jan Karger. The latter built a secret shelter in his house in Olšany for his sons Alois and Jan and the Soviet fugitive Alexei Poleshikov, members of an Olšany partisan group who were wanted by the Gestapo after participating in several acts of sabotage. After the war Konstantin Karger trained as a blacksmith; after completing compulsory military service, he worked at the Olšany paper works until his retirement. In 1957 he married Marie Divišová; they had three sons and two daughters. As of 2017, he lives in Bušín, as he did his whole life.

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