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Zdena Machková, roz. Kubíková (1941) - Biography

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A frugal person can juggle with potato peels

Zdena Machková, née Kubíková, was born January 4, 1941 as the only child of Marie (née Schreiberová) and Dobroslav Kubík in Michalovka in Volhynia. The family belonged to descendants of Czech exiles who had left the country after the Battle of White Mountain. Shortly after the liberation of Volhynia by the Red Army Zdena's father joined the 1st Czechoslovak Army corps and Zdena and her mother spent several years living in destabilized Volhynia. In 1947 they were repatriated to Czechoslovakia where they went to rejoin their father and husband, but Mr. Dobroslav Kubík had meanwhile started a new family. Zdena and her mother therefore lived for one year in Stadice and then they moved to the area in the foothills of the Ore Mountains, where Zdena attended elementary school and where she found her first job in 1955 in Krajka Kraslice. In 1958 she married Dalibor Machek, she gave birth to their four daughters and they settled in Horní Rotava. From mid-1960s she worked in the warehouse of the Rotava branch of the Škoda factory. She considers the region of the Ore Mountains to be her home.

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