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Zdeňka Dvořáčková roz. Šidlofová (1937) - Biography

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Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you

Zdeňka Dvořáčková, born Šidlofová, was born on 10 June, 1937, in Prague. Before the war, she moved with her parents and a brother to Chotěboř, where her father built a small villa. He worked as a teacher, but lost his job during the war and had to work from home; he made decorative fired boxes. The family had to move from their flat on the first floor and live together with her grandparents on the ground floor; two wives of German officers with their sons stayed there instead. The witness and her brother made friends with those boys. Her father survived the end of war in a concentration camp, from where he returned all right. The whole family was liberated in Chotěboř and witnessed the following settling with the Germans. After studies Zdeňka Dvořáčková worked as a teacher and lives in Jihlava today.

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