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Hana Nosková roz. Panská (1938) - Biography

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They imprisoned those who were going to church

Hana Nosková, née Panská, was born July 4, 1938 in Vilémov near Golčův Jeníkov. The family lived on a large farm which they were renting from baron Rajský. The farm was under German administration during the war and Germans conducted regular inspections there. While there, Hana experienced the liberation by the Red Army whom they all feared. After 1948 the authorities confiscated the farm from baron Rajský and Hana's family was evicted. They wanted to purchase a house in Hruškovy Dvory, but since they had refused to join the agricultural cooperative, they were not allowed to stay there, not even in a rented house, and they had to move again. They eventually settled in Kozlov. Hana's brother was warned that authorities were preparing to arrest him, and he therefore left in time and went to work in the coal mines in Ostrava. Hana studied a secondary nursing school and she began working in healthcare in the psychiatric ward where she met her husband-to-be. Before they married he had been in prison for seven months due to his religious belief, because he was from an active Catholic family. Hana's husband was consequently banned from working in healthcare and he was forbidden to reside in Jihlava, and therefore they moved to live in the Ostrava region for twelve years. Later they returned to Jihlava to Hana's mother and from 1970 they were both allowed to work in healthcare in the psychiatric ward again. Together they raised two sons and now they enjoy the company of their grandchildren.

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