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Alice Šmotková, roz. Molíková (1933) - Biography

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To go to sleep in the evening as if I was to be gone, and wake up in the morning as if I was to be here forever

Alice Šmotková, née Molíková, was born October 17, 1933 in Zlín. She talks of her childhood as being filled with love, although she very well remembers the poverty in which her family lived during the war. Alice's mother lost her job as a supervisor in the Baťa factory, her father contracted tuberculosis, and the family had to move to Prague. When Alice was fifteen, her mother sent to her sister's to spend the summer holiday there. While there, Alice met Ludvík Šmotek, a young man from the Moravian Walachia region who was twelve years older and who was a partisan during the war. Their lifelong love began during that summer. In 1949, Ludvík Šmotek was arrested as the leader of the resistance group Světlana-Jeseník and at first he was sentenced to capital punishment. This was eventually commuted to life sentence and later to twenty-five years of imprisonment, fourteen of which he really served in prison. Alice meanwhile studied a secondary school, worked as a secretary for one year and later she began working as a nurse. She spent her youth writing letters, visiting prisons, and sending petitions for clemency to the president every year. Ludvík Šmotek was released in 1963 and together they raised three children. After 1968 they decided to stay in Czechoslovakia. Ludvík Šmotek was rehabilitated after 1989. He died in 2002. Alice Šmotková lives in Prague 5.

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