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Mojmír Babušík (1933 - 2016) - Biography

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The courageous commander of the SODAN resistance group

Mojmír Babušík was born in 1933 in Křenovice. Although he comes from a poverty-stricken background, he took a stand against the Communist regime after it had come to power. Together with the members of the Junák (the Czech equivalent of the Scout – note by the translator) in Křenovice, he founded the SODAN resistance group (the acronym for the "Scout Organization of Democracy and Independence") and became its leader and main organizer. The organization fought against oppression and injustice in different ways. They produced and distributed threatening letters to party officials, printed anti-regime leaflets and when this didn't have any effect, they burned down hay stacks and barns belonging to the farms collectives. After several arson attacks they were caught because they were given away by informers. Mojmír Babušík was subjected to a series of brutal interrogations in the State security prison in Brno in Příčná Street. Despite of the threat of being sentenced to death by the Regional Court in Brno, Mojmír Babušík acted very bravely and openly criticized the communist regime in court. He was sentenced to twenty years in prison, of which he served ten years and nine months in the prison camp Equality and Leopoldov. He died in April 2016.

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