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Václav Djačuk (1920 - 2015) - Biography

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Indemnification worth two liters of petrol

Vaclav Djačuk was born in Carpathian Ruthenia in 1920. His father was a legionnaire during the First World War. After the Hungarian occupation in 1939 Mr. Djačuk expected that another war would break out, so he crossed the border to the Soviet Union with his friends. However, he was arrested and sent to a gulag. He spent more than two and a half years in a Kolyma Gulag, at the eastern tip of Russia. Then he was dismissed and gained a pass to Buzuluk. He applied for the Air Force in Buzuluk and to his great surprise he was chosen. He went through air training in Vjazniki and as a fighter pilot of 1 Air Brigade, was sent to Czechoslovakia. After the war he was placed in the Military Aeronautical Research and Test Institute in Praha-Letňany. After being dismissed from the Army without reason in 1949, he worked as a builder-storekeeper in the national enterprise Baraba. From 1956-1958 he worked as a miner in the mine Nosek in Truchlovice for two years. In the 1960's he worked as an investment referent for buildings. Then he returned to the enterprise Baraba where he worked until he retired in the 70's. He passed away on March, 16th, 2015.

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