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František Přeslička (1933) - Biography

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They cannot re-educate you if they bring in a guy in front of you who cannot even stand on his feet

František Přeslička was born in 1933 in Přerov. Their family grocery shop was confiscated by the state after the communist coup in February 1948. His grandfather, who had founded the shop, died of brain stroke shortly after. When he was only fifteen years old, František became involved in dissemination of anti-communist pamphlets. He also handed over a revolver with thirty cartridges to Kamil Špaček, who was preparing an escape over the border with his friends. František was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment for this in a group trial titled František Petrů and Co., but the penalty was shortened to half since he was a minor. He spent more than two years in a detention facility for young delinquents in Zámrsk, where the majority of the internees were young people who had been sentenced for their activities against the communist regime. He was released in 1952 after two years and four months. It took him several years before he was able to return to his profession as a salesman. Shortly after the fall of the communist regime he was co-opted to the position of the vice-mayor of Přerov. In 1991 he became the chairman of the Přerov chapter of the Confederation of Political Prisoners, and he has been in the position up to now.

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